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“It’s like a big, red, body c**dom”: Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Claimed Deadpool Suit is So Insanely Tight He Can Actually Taste His Own Genitals

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds has claimed the title of being the only man worthy of playing Deadpool in live-action cinema. It is only appropriate then to state that the actor seems to have been born to play the antihero in all his snarky glory. Deadpool is the magnum opus and the elemental masterpiece of the Canadian-American actor and that dedication extends past a decade in the making.

To have fought so hard to bring this character to the big screen shows how much of his blood and sweat Ryan Reynolds has integrated into delivering one of the best Marvel standalone films in its over a decade-long existence.

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool premiere
Ryan Reynolds arrives at the Deadpool premiere

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Ryan Reynolds Recalls the Horror of Suiting Up for Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds is rarely present without being unintentionally hilarious. His impromptu humor, which often runs on the darker side, is a gift that keeps on giving. On one such occasion, the Red Notice star, who appeared on The Graham Norton Show, recalled the horrific experience of putting on his red superhero suit for Deadpool.

“It’s like a big, red, body c**dom, but yeah sure, call it a suit or whatever you want… I’m always terrified that I’ll throw up in the mask or something… There’s no space in that thing at all. When I put it on, I can actually taste my own genitals.”

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

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*cue the audience and guest actors’ wheezing laughter. It is not news that the actor has more than metamorphosed into his on-screen Merc with a Mouth character, apart from all the slashing and swinging katana actions, of course. It may be a difficult experience to put the suit on but once he does, according to Blake Lively, Reynolds is more often than not seen comfortably parading around his own home wearing the mercenary garb.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool is an MCU Vision Come True

The exponential fame of Marvel Studios since its 2008 era MCU beginnings has not corrupted its true vision in the long run. The universe has been steadily and steadfastly growing and although Phase 4 has been a period of comparative respite from its constant action-driven narrative, the actors, directors, execs, and mostly Feige, are all gearing up for the upcoming Phases Five and Six of the high-octane Multiverse Saga.

Deadpool and Wolverine face-off in X-Men Origins
Deadpool and Wolverine face-off in X-Men Origins

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In such a broad perspective of things in motion, a single standalone film that is doing nothing to contribute to the mainstream MCU or the confusing timeline of the X-Men universe seems an unnecessary expenditure of capital and workforce. But nothing short of maximum effort is acceptable to Ryan Reynolds. After playing a generic comic book Deadpool in the 2009 Foxverse film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds’s infatuation with his on-screen alter ego helped bring the character to life in 2016, and that further paved the path for the greatest collaborative introduction of the mutants into the mainstream MCU.

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Ryan Reynolds’s Long History with the Marvel Studios

Deadpool or even X-Men Origins is not the first time the actor has appeared for Marvel Studios. The relationship between the actor and the studio extends far beyond his 2009 debut as Wade Wilson. Reynolds first appeared in the critically underrated conclusion to the first live-action Blade trilogy at the turn of the century in the 2003 film, Blade: Trinity. This essentially makes the actor the longest associate to be operating within the formulating Marvel universe at present. Moreover, his experience working in front of the green screen (X-Men Origins and Green Lantern) did shape him for his career-defining role as the mercenary turned antihero turned reluctant superhero.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman hilariously announce the return of Wolverine
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman hilariously announce the return of Wolverine

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To claim that his intense though platonically indulgent relationship with Deadpool since 2009 paid off, in the long run, will then be an understatement. He did manage to bring the signature dark humor and gruesome and bloody gore that comes with Deadpool without censorship, and although Hugh Jackman claims no one forced him to do anything against his own will, one needs to acknowledge the enormity of the fact that it’s through Deadpool 3 that the faux love-hate buddies plan to saunter in hand-in-hand into the MCU with the entirety of the X-Force at their backs.

Source: The Graham Norton Show

Written by Diya Majumdar

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