“It’s like being in an emotionally abusive relationship”: Ryan Reynolds’ Ex-wife Scarlett Johansson Was Overwhelmed With Motherhood

"It’s like being in an emotionally abusive relationship": Ryan Reynolds' Ex-wife Scarlett Johansson Was Overwhelmed With Motherhood

Marvel star Scarlet Johansson has played some invincible characters on screen. From being the swashbuckling Black Widow in the MCU to playing an extraordinarily strong clairvoyant warrior in Lucy, the actor has proved that she has got what it takes to challenge her male counterparts. Johansson has also shown her acting chops in intense dramas like Marriage Story and psychological thrillers like Woody Allen’s Match Point. Off screen though, outside of the glitz and glamor, Scarlet Johansson confessed that her personal life was far from a bed of roses especially when it came to motherhood.

Marvel star Scarlet Johansson

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Scarlet Johansson Was Tormented By Motherhood

Apart from being a highly successful star in Hollywood, Scarlet Johansson is also a mother of 2 children, Rose Dauriac who she shares with her ex-husband Romain Dauriac and Cosmo Jost who is the son of her current husband Colin Jost. Johansson during an interview with The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast confessed that being a mother challenged her in ways that she never thought was possible. Speaking of her initial naivete about parenting, the actor said,

“I remember my daughter when she was 2, I said, ‘This is great. I don’t know what everybody is talking about. And then she turned 3 and it’s like being in an emotionally abusive relationship.”

Scarlet Johansson with her daughter Rose

The Nanny Diaries star admitted that she was not prepared for the emotional rollercoaster that motherhood was and how difficult toddlers were to please. As the interview went on, the actor also added that despite the tough work that she had to put in as a mother, it was all worth it as children were capable of unconditional love as well. She also spoke about the challenges of maintaining a work-life balance to ensure that she was able to give her children quality time when they were younger.

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Scarlet Johansson Is A Mother And A Beauty Brand Owner

Scarlet Johansson is a perfect example of a successful woman who is also a mother. The star has balanced her personal and professional life seamlessly with film projects on one hand and raising children on the other. With both children now out of the toddler stage, Johansson spread her wings once again to launch her skincare line in 2022 called The Outset. The brand is a reflection of Johansson’s uncomplicated approach to beauty. After a lot of research and experimentation about beauty formulas, the star brought Kate Foster, a beauty expert on board to help her develop her brand. Speaking about the reasons behind launching The Outset, Johansson said,

“I decided to launch my brand because I felt like I was in a place where I had a point of view and I could do something. This, at The Outset, is a personal project, you know, and it comes from my passion for skincare. I had acne for like my entire life.”

Scarlet Johansson owns a skincare brand called The Outset

The actor admitted that her personal skin issues that were heightened by excessive makeup for films inspired her to find a skincare routine that would help her skin heal and stay healthy.

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