“It’s like Call of Duty and Halo had a baby”: The New “Call of Duty Killer” Xdefiant is Here and Fans Are Already in Love With It

Explore the unique features of XDefiant and why fans are already in love with it.

XDefiant Game


  • XDefiant offers free access on multiple platforms, making it an attractive alternative to Call of Duty’s paid model.
  • It breaks away from the Killstreak tradition, focusing on weapon variety and strategic play.
  • Choose your Faction wisely in XDefiant as each one of them brings its unique abilities.
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XDefiant release has shaken the gaming industry with its very fast-paced gameplay and unique features. Players can play as special characters from other Ubisoft IPs like Iselda from Far Cry 6, Malee from Splinter Cell series, etc. and can even join various factions. This new First Person Shooter game, ever since its release, has been compared to Call of Duty for its gameplay. 


With its release on May 21st on all available platforms, it has taken the FPS genre by storm. Players are calling XDefiant a “Call of Duty Killer” as it is very similar but also has many key differences that make the gameplay even better. 

XDefiant: A new Titan in First Person Shooter genre

XDefiant release has shaken the gaming industry
New Free-to-Play FPS From Ubisoft, XDefiant | Ubisoft

XDefiant, while being compared to Call of Duty, has many differences which makes the game stand out on its own. The first big difference is the cost of the full game, XDefiant is free and players can enjoy every mode without any commitment to money. For Call of Duty, players need to buy the full game or a seasonal pass to play certain modes. The absence of any paywall in XDefiant makes it attract a larger audience. 


One of the most discussed and controversial parts of Call of Duty has always been the Skill-based matchmaking. Skill-based matchmaking turns every lobby into a very competitive one, leaving no room for casual enjoyment. XDefiant, with no skill-based matchmaking, wants players to enjoy engaging gameplay with many different kinds of interaction. 

players have started calling XDefiant a Call of Duty Killer
Call of Duty’s pay model makes people choose XDefiant | Activision

In XDefiant, there are no killstreaks for players to gain an advantage against their enemies. Instead of Killstreak, XDefiant has many different factions to choose from, each faction has its own special abilities to offer. 


Within a few days since the release, many players have started calling XDefiant a Call of Duty Killer, while some even said it is a baby of Call of Duty and Halo. The more casual friendly experience (No Skill-based matchmaking) and also being a free game makes XDefiant a better choice over Call of Duty for many players. 


Ubisoft’s new masterstroke with XDefiant 

characters from popular games from Ubisoft like Splinter Cell, Far Cry and even Watch Dogs.
XDefiant has Ubisoft’s other IPs characters | Ubisoft Youtube

Ubisoft unveiled the XDefiant project back in 2021 to showcase their development of a new First Person Shooter game. The game at that time was very rough on the edges and had many issues from gun balancing to a few bugs. After the initial showcase of the game, Ubisoft was very diligent in fixing the game by conducting many open and closed beta tests. 

The game will be available across all platforms and offers crossplay. Ubisoft also added many familiar faces from franchises like Splinter Cell, Far Cry and Watch Dogs as playable characters. There are still a few bugs and technical issues but Ubisoft has promised to fix them in the next few patch updates. 

At release, XDefiant doesn’t offer any ranked mode as it is more focused on the casual experience. Although, Ubisoft has confirmed that the game will feature Ranked mode with Skill-based matchmaking in the future. So let’s pick out our favorite faction, customize our gun and dive into the world of XDefiant.


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