“If Anything I Think XDefiant Has Shown Call of Duty Isn’t…”: Ubisoft’s Shooter Is Causing Some Uncomfortable Realizations in the FPS Community

It looks like Activision finally has some competition.

XDefiant and Call of Duty


  • XDefiant has finally arrived, and despite its problems, it's making FPS fans reevaluate the state of the genre.
  • While Ubisoft's title is free-to-play, Activision is adamant about charging $70 for its Call of Duty video games.
  • Although the differences between the two titles are clearly visible, the community has some thoughts about first-person shooters.
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Just when it started to seem like XDefiant was never going to see the light of day, it finally entered its Preseason phase a few days ago. A lot was riding on its shoulders, as the developers wanted it to reach the heights of Activision’s first-person shooter behemoth.


Although the game isn’t perfect by any means, there are plenty of aspects that are making the FPS community appreciate its existence. It may not yet be the Call of Duty killer that it was expected to be, but there’s one element that gives it an edge against the competition.

If XDefiant Can Be Free-To-Play, Other First-Person Shooters Can Too

XDefiant is becoming a threat to Activision's first-person shooter franchise in an unexpected way.
XDefiant is becoming a threat to Activision’s first-person shooter in an unexpected way.

It’s not surprising that XDefiant has a few issues at launch, but the fact that it’s a free-to-play first-person shooter that includes many familiar elements is making FPS enthusiasts reevaluate some of the competing titles.


If Anything I Think Xdefiant Has Shown That COD Isn’t Worth $70
byu/LuckAndBones inXDefiant

Activision has been leading the shooter genre for a very long time now, but the recent state of the Call of Duty franchise has not been too promising, and despite all that, the publisher keeps charging $70 for newer titles like the latest Modern Warfare 3. This decline in quality and the release of Ubisoft’s free game are resulting in members of the community pointing out that high price tags for games like these do not make much sense.

If anything I think XDefiant has shown that COD isn’t worth $70,” wrote a first-person shooter player as they proceeded to list down the similarities and differences between the competing forces. The gamer pointed out that both of these games are live-service multiplayer experiences at their core and even have plenty in common when it comes to their mechanics.


Another similarity is that they both come with in-game shops that have numerous skins, items, and more digital content for players to purchase, resulting in the conclusion that Activision’s prices are not at all justified.

There Are Obvious Differences Between the Two, but Even They Don’t Support Activision’s Case

Despite launching late last year, Modern Warfare 3 still costs $70 on Steam.
Despite launching late last year, Modern Warfare 3 still costs $70 on Steam.

When it comes to the quantity of content, Activision’s FPS franchise is still leagues ahead of a game that basically just entered its initial stages, but the player reiterated that even that is not enough to support the publisher’s case.

Sure, even the latest major installment in the series has campaign and co-op modes, but considering how Modern Warfare 3 fumbled with those as well, the argument does not hold up as well as it should. Another huge difference between the two games is that Activision still has a Zombies mode to keep its series going, but aside from Treyarch’s Black Ops sub-series, not many other titles have managed to maintain the quality of the undead adventures.


It is very likely that the upcoming Black Ops 6 is also going to be accompanied by a $70 price tag, but if it truly is the best Black Ops game ever created, Ubisoft may have to introduce new elements to its free-to-play title to ensure its longevity.

Do you think all first-person shooter games should be free-to-play, or are you fine with paying $70 for a game like Modern Warfare 3? Let us know in the comments!


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