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“It’s my kind of film”: James Cameron Disgusted With the Academy for Ignoring Viola Davis’ the Woman King Despite Nominating Avatar 2 for Best Picture

“It’s my kind of film”: James Cameron Disgusted With the Academy for Ignoring Viola Davis’ the Woman King Despite Nominating Avatar 2 for Best Picture

As James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water gets nominated for the Oscars for various categories, the director is not satisfied. Talking about Viola Davis’ movie The Woman King, Cameron is surprised and disgusted with the Academy for not picking up The Woman King.

In an interview, the Aliens director listed movies to see before you die. Out of the number of movies, one of them was Viola Davis starrer The Woman King which the academy allegedly ignored and picked James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water.

James Cameron
James Cameron.

James Cameron Is Disgusted With The Academy

As James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water broke the $2 billion global box office milestone, the Oscars considered various movies for awards and nominations for the year 2022. With the sequel nominated for 4 Oscars, Cameron was congratulated and praised for his directorial abilities.

The Woman King Viola Davis 3
Viola Davis in The Woman King (2022).

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The Titanic director was surprised however that Viola Davis starrer and Gina Prince-Bythewood directed The Woman King was not considered for the nominations. With no Oscar considerations, James Cameron felt disgusted and felt that the academy awards were prejudiced for some unknown reason.

Talking about the film, director Gina Prince-Bythewood once asked a question to The Terminator director whether his movies start off as love stories or genre stories. Before his answer began, Cameron complimented the director on the success of The Woman King and stated that it was his kind of film.

“Hi, Gina, and congratulations on the success of The Woman King — my kind of film. Women kicking ass.”

Avatar: The Way of Water has been nominated for 4 Oscars including the Best Motion Picture of the Year Award along with Best Sound, Best Visual Effects, and”Best Production Design. On the other hand, The Woman King became a cult classic since it did not receive any Oscar nominations.

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James Cameron Proves Jack Could Not Have Survived Titanic

James Cameron wants to prove his Titanic point.
James Cameron wants to prove his Titanic point.

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With the 25th anniversary of Titanic approaching, James Cameron teamed up with National Geographic to prove a point. Cameron took the people’s comments to heart when they said that Jack could have survived on the wooden door along with Rose at the end of Titanic (1997).

“So now, let’s do the real test. Let’s put them through a simulation of all the things that Jack and Rose went through. So we did exactly what they did in the movie exceptt that we doubled the time for every stage of it because our water wasn’t as cold.” said James Cameron.

Creating the scenario as accurately as possible, the director recreated the scene with various changes in the plans as a way to rescue both characters. The first sneak peek was recently released while his upcoming feature Titanic: 25 Years Later With James Cameron will release in cinemas on 10th February 2023.

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