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“It’s my turn. I only need one swing”: Will Smith Vowed Revenge After Jason Derulo Brutally ‘Knocked Out’ His Front Teeth With Golf Club

"It's my turn. I only need one swing": Will Smith Vowed Revenge After Jason Derulo Brutally 'Knocked Out' His Front Teeth With Golf Club

Will Smith has been an entertainment stock in the industry for years. Not every superstar has what it takes to be popular on youtube but in Will Smith’s case, it was surprisingly different as he made his jump to social media stardom quite proficiently.

The actor since then has been known for pulling various skits and funny gags on different occasions and in one instance, one of his gags appeared too real until it was revealed to be another prank that was performed by the actor.

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Will Smith FandomWire
Will Smith

When Jason Derulo knocked out Will Smith’s teeth

In 2020, the Men in Black actor posted a video on his Instagram with Jason Derulo while playing indoor golf together. But things quickly go south when in a hilarious turn of events, the Swalla singer unintentionally knocks out will smith’s teeth. The Men in Black actor then jokingly reply to Derulo with the statement “It’s my turn. It’s my turn. I only need one swing.” 

The video instantly went viral, with the whole world sympathizing with the actor’s pain while finding the whole situation hysterical. The comment section was flooded with comments such as “Damn hilarious.”, “the best duo”,  and “who knew golf was an extreme sport”.

But after a while fans started questioning the legitimacy of the accident, as they weren’t quite convinced considering that Derulo didn’t rush over to check Will Smith and there was no blood on the floor.  And the fans’ suspicion was deemed correct, as the actors later revealed the truth in a follow-up vlog.

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Will Smith and Jason Derulo
Will Smith and Jason Derulo

The actor later revealed it was just a prank

Will Smith isn’t new to pulling uncanny gags since his days in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air bell air and the viral news of him losing his tooth to Jason Derulo was later revealed to be the same. In a vlog of Jason Derulo, they released the whole process behind their venture on fooling the whole world.

It isn’t something new that the duo hasn’t performed before, as they both are familiar with pulling pranks on social media. Before this situation, they launched another prank where Derulo was hiding in one of Will Smith’s sweet shirts and after Smith threw the hoodie from the hanger, the hoodie magically turned into Jason Derulo, as the  “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”  quickly apologized to the singer as Derulo was shouting in pain after being slammed into the furniture.

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Will Smith in Emancipation
Will Smith in Emancipation

Since then the actor’s presence on social media has been on a downward spiral after Oscar’s slap-gate incident, but after apologizing about the matter on multiple occasions, things are coming off a little better for the Emancipation actor and fans hope that the actor never stops embracing his carefree persona.

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