“It’s OK if you boys fight out in the alley”: Harvey Weinstein Almost Got Knocked Out Flat By ‘Avatar’ Director With His ‘Titanic’ Oscar

Harvey Weinstein Almost Got Knocked Out Flat By ‘Avatar’ Director With His ‘Titanic’ Oscar
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There is no doubt that Harvey Weinstein was one of the worst and most hated personalities in Hollywood even before his arrest. Before he was put behind bars for 23 years for all of the horrible things he has done in light of the #MeToo movement, he had a reputation for being a truly horrible person amongst fellow directors and filmmakers.

Harvey Weinstein
Disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein

Another filmmaker is James Cameron. Unlike Weinstein, he is respected and highly reputed. He has been vocal about plenty of matters and is unafraid to share his opinion about anything he believes in. Despite Weinstein’s movies, Cameron is also one who does not shy away from showing his hatred for the director.

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James Cameron Hated Harvey Weinstein Because Of Guillermo del Toro

James Cameron, who is responsible for some of the most successful movies in history, including the Avatar franchise and Titanic, revealed that he did not like Harvey Weinstein due to his close friend, Guillermo del Toro. The director mentioned that though he did not know much about the disgraced producer, he did know that he has messed with Del Toro at the start of his career multiple times.

Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein

“I didn’t know Harvey from Adam. I didn’t know anything about him other than what I had learned from Guillermo del Toro. Guillermo and I had been close friends since 1991. He had told me the horrible shit that Miramax pulled on him when he made his first American commercial film, Mimic, and they fired him. The actors, led by Mira Sorvino, kind of revolted and wouldn’t work until they brought him back. Then, when the film was successful and well-regarded, Harvey sort of jumped up to take praise for the movie.” stated James Cameron.

Del Toro told Cameron that while he was filming his first commercial movie in America, he was fired due to politics with Weinstein’s production company. This was not resolved until all of the actors involved demanded he be brought back otherwise they would not be working. After the film was released and garnered quite a lot of attention and praise, Weinstein jumped and took all the credit.

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James Cameron Almost Beat Up Harvey Weinstein At The Oscars

James Cameron then added that this was why, when Harvey Weinstein basically tried to offer him a job, the director get extremely angry and almost beat up the producer. Cameron went on to reveal that when he won his Oscar for Best Editing for his 1998 movie, Titanic, He was approached by Weinstein where he offered for the director to work with him, adding that if he want to come to work at a place that’s a friend of the artist. Cameron obviously saw through this and called the producer out and defended Guillermo del Toro in the process.

Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein

“I did defend Guillermo and I called Harvey on his bullshit, and then he got very loud and verbally abusive and almost potentially physically violent. And he was about to get clocked by an Oscar — which would’ve been highly appropriate, I think. But I wasn’t thinking about it in those terms; it was just the weapon at hand. The hysterical thing about the whole moment was people around us were saying, ‘Not here! Not here!’ It was kind of like, ‘It’s OK if you boys fight out in the alley, but don’t do it here at the Academy Awards!'” revealed Cameron

This apparently did not sit right with Weinstein, who started to get very loud and started to abuse Cameron verbally. The director even stated that the producer also almost get violent, something that he was prepared for, his Oscar in hand ready to be used as a weapon. Cameron added that this wasn’t one of his best moments and many people around the pair kept asking them to stop and take their fight elsewhere.

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