“It’s one of their favorite characters to play”: The Flash Star Ezra Miller Has Met WB Leadership To Seek Help and Apologize After Movie Gets Exceptionally High Score Close to Christopher Nolan’s Batman Movies

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Ezra Miller is not exactly the most pleasant person to be around. Their behavior off-screen has been a huge issue not only for themself but also for the higher-ups at Warner Bros, which is an obvious problem because Miller is the star of one of WB’s most talked about characters, The Flash.


For a successful franchise like DCEU to go on further to extend its legacy, it also needs to make sure that the actors playing important roles in its movies are in line. The higher-ups at WB have a problem with Miller’s controversial antics, and according to recent reports, Miller is doing their best to cover up the mess they’ve made.

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Ezra Miller And Their Agent Are Papering Over The Cracks They’ve Made

Miller has been involved in a lot of controversial stuff even before their recruitment with DC as Flash- this ranges from being charged with possession of drugs, strangling a woman, being arrested after a fight, and so on. So what’s their pitch on how to fix all of the negative attention that they’re bringing to WB and themselves?

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Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Miller, and their CAA agent, Scott Metzger, met up with Warner Bros. film chairs Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy this Wednesday.


The meeting took place at the Burbank branch of WB Studios, and it’s been reported that the meeting involved discussions about The Flash, and Miller making a commitment pact with the two executives where they promised to seek help for their behavior. The knee-jerk promise came after Miller and their agent had learned that WB was considering scrapping the upcoming The Flash movie in order to avoid any further damage caused by Miller’s behavior.

The scrapping of The Flash definitely would have pulled the 29-year-old actor’s socks down, and they’re doing their best to keep them up.

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People Aren’t Too Fond Of Ezra Miller As Barry Allen

Whether Ezra Miller‘s portrayal of Barry Allen aka The Flash is up to the expectations of the character is up for debate, but their behavior off-screen is bound to have serious consequences for all parties involved.

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According to new data taken from a survey that questions the general audience’s opinion on Ezra Miller’s flash, it has been concluded that 42% believe that Warner Bros should bin The Flash, with a staggering 50% pushing for Miller to be kicked out after news broke of The Perks Of Being A Wallflower actor’s grooming controversy.


This is certainly bad news for the DCEU as well as WB. A discontent fanbase means a lower amount of people showing up at the release of the movie.

The Flash premieres in the United States on June 23, 2023.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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