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Will Michael Keaton’s Batman Ever Return to DC? WB’s Cancel Crusade Hitting and Ezra Miller’s Shenanigans Cast Major Shadow Over His DC Return

Following the shelving of the Batgirl, next might be a movie featuring the return of Michael Keaton as Batman. It’s a lot to do with the controversies of Ezra Miller, The Flash’s lead actor. The movie was supposed to be released earlier than it is now and was to bring Michael Keaton as Batman.

Michael Keaton's Batman stays unclear after Batgirl cancelation
Michael Keaton’s Batman stays unclear after Batgirl’s cancelation

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It is right to say that the Warner Bros. Discovery merger has gone through a lot of changes regarding the DC universe as the CEO also shelved other DC movies, which include movies like Supergirl and Wonder Twins.

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The Fate of Michael Keaton’s Batman Stays Dark Following Batgirl Cancellation and Ezra Miller’s Case

Future of Batman stays in Dark following Ezra Miller's case
Future of Batman stays in the Dark following Ezra Miller’s case

As per speculation, it now seems almost impossible for witnessing Michael Keaton’s Batman which THR also confirmed.

“The death of Batgirl also hints at a diminished role for Keaton going forward.”

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According to the circumstances, The Flash can also make a shocking entry. WB might set the plan as a ‘reset’ and that can eventually make Michael Keaton‘s appearance and the franchise then can carry a future. The table can also turn, If Ezra Miller’s continuous controversies can’t clear the path then the reports suggest that Warner Bros. Discovery has a backup plan of canceling The Flash.

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The Flash at Risk of Being Shelved After Actor’s Continuing Troubles With Law

Ezra Miller's 'The Flash' might get cancelled
Ezra Miller’s ‘The Flash’ might get canceled

We can’t ignore the fact that legal troubles do not seem to be ending shortly. Ezra Miller has been facing some new controversies regarding their latest involvement with horrible allegations, reports say that they housed a mother and her three children “at a cannabis farm with loose firearms” during June.

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Previously, WB canceled the Batgirl without any second thoughts, despite it being 90% complete and scheduled for a streaming release this year. Sources predict this clearly shows the studio will not hesitate to cancel projects to avoid problems. Although the studio can’t ignore the fact that Batman is the solid charm that can carry DC forward, they might give it a second thought.

The Flash is currently slated to release on 23 June 2023.