“It’s really amazing”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Has the Most Wholesome Reason to Defend Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl That Even Her Ardent Haters Will Agree With

Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks Taylor Swift did a good job by influencing her fans to watch American Football.

“It’s really amazing”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Has the Most Wholesome Reason to Defend Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl That Even Her Ardent Haters Will Agree With


  • Taylor Swift's relationship with Travis Kelce has influenced her fans into watching American Football.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger praised Swift for igniting this interest in her fans, particularly younger girls.
  • Schwarzenegger believes Swift has the celebrity power to run for office.
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Thanks to American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, the NFL has witnessed a massive surge in its number of viewers. While this may seem like a good thing, for some American Football fans it is annoying as many of these viewers are only watching the sport because of Swift’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs’ star Travis Kelce.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (via Chariah Gordon's Instagram)
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (via Chariah Gordon’s Instagram)

There have been many debates about Swift and Kelce’s relationship, in fact, Swift was blamed for Kelce’s poor performance on the field at one point. Now, it seems like actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has joined the conversation, crediting Swift for bringing a fresh type of audience to the NFL. The Super Bowl LVIII is all set to take place at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs on February 11, 2024.

Arnold Schwarzenegger praised Taylor Swift for bringing a different type of NFL fans

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Sabotage
Arnold Schwarzenegger in Sabotage

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger gave his opinion on the sudden rise in popularity of American Football. The actor specifically praised singer Taylor Swift for bringing a new audience to the sport, particularly younger girls,


“Football itself draws the hugest crowd because it’s the most popular sport. But then to have someone like her be there and watch the game adds another kind of a thing that [attracts] a different audience – Especially younger girls are now more into football, they know the rules and all of that stuff, so it’s really amazing.”

A new wave of audience has tuned in to watch American Football recently due to Swift’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs’ player Travis Kelce. The two reportedly started dating in September 2023.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s opinion on Taylor Swift becoming the President

Travis Kelce kissing Taylor Swift
Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrates with Taylor Swift after a 17-10 victory against the Baltimore Ravens

Further in the interview, Yahoo Entertainment asked Schwarzenegger if there is a possibility of Taylor Swift becoming a president if she tries. The actor replied,

“That I don’t know – Celebrity power is very important when you run for office. I’ve seen that when I ran for governor, but you have to have the right mind for it… that all comes out when you do the debates and when you do the interviews. So I don’t know that side of her at all. I just know her as being the most extraordinary performer, this very attractive woman, very talented, very, very smart. But I don’t know [if the political side] of her exists or if she has any interest in that.”

There is no doubt that Swift is one of the most influential singers of all time, in fact, a recently conducted survey revealed that 18% of the respondents would vote for any candidate that is endorsed by Taylor Swift. The singer has a loyal fan base that is influenced by all her activities.


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