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“It’s rude it’s just basic manners”: Henry Cavill Has a Problem With Female fans Cat Calling Him When He’s With His Girlfriend

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is big on maintaining boundaries and prefers people to around him to respect the same.

With the good looks that the British actor is blessed with, it’s hard to imagine him not being immersed in a shower of compliments every time he steps out of his house. But there is a thin line between passing a polite compliment and being disrespectful, and the Man of Steel star hates it when people cross this very line.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill has always been looked at as a true gentleman with his courteous manner and kind attitude toward his fans. But when said fans, especially women, overstep their boundaries and end up treating him in a rather uncivil way, the actor finds it quite impudent. And it’s only fair for him to want to get the respect that he so vividly returns to others.

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Henry Cavill’s Take on Being Cat Called by His Fans

Even Henry Cavill himself understands the hype surrounding him. In fact, the Dawn of Justice star even admitted that he enjoyed it when fans and people, in general, hyped him up in public. When asked if he was “angry with women” who called him certain names or treat him “like a babe” in front of his girlfriend, Cavill clarified that he never got “angry” at his fans, so to speak.

“Wow okay, that sounds like a translation. Listen I’m not angry with women, no, not at all.”

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Henry Cavill loves it when his fans hype him up
Henry Cavill loves it when his fans hype him up

Cavill instead claimed that he enjoyed it when people screamed and shouted out in the public and expressed just how much they loved him.

“No, it’s awesome! Are you kidding me? It’s a fantastic feeling.”

Who wouldn’t like being hyped in such a way? Sure, Cavill enjoys an ego boost every once in a while because when one feels appreciated, one automatically starts feeling confident as well. But where The Witcher star draws the line, is between genuine admiration and sheer disrespect.

Henry Cavill Doesn’t Like It When Fans Disregard His Company

Cavill is all smiles when his fans show him support and cheer for him.

The only thing that he doesn’t condone though, is when a fan comes up to him and strikes up a conversation with him whilst completely ignoring the person who he is with, if and when he’s with someone. That is something that absolutely doesn’t fly with the Enola Holmes actor because not only is that highly impolite toward the other person, but people also fail to realize that the person in question could be someone Cavill “cares about,” so it could be equally disrespectful to him as well.

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Henry Cavill with his girlfriend Natalie Viscuso
Henry Cavill with his girlfriend Natalie Viscuso

“I think the thing with that is when if someone is disrespectful to the person I’m with by talking to me in a certain way like that person’s not there or they don’t exist, I think that’s rude. It’s just basic manners. And it’s not like I’m furious at these people. I just wish that maybe they were a bit more polite because they may be affecting the person who I care about.” 

And once again, Cavill has proved that he is indeed a true gem.

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