‘Weird how people are Claiming James Gunn hates Henry Cavill’: Are ‘Toxic’ Zack Snyder Fans Fueling James Gunn-Henry Cavill Rivalry Rumors?

'Toxic' Zack Snyder Fans Fueling James Gunn-Henry Cavill Rivalry Rumors?
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Zack Snyder’s fanbase has always been rather conspicuously devoted to the SnyderVerse and not getting a Justice League Snyder Cut had already rendered them furious and upset. But when Henry Cavill returned back to DC to save the day as Superman, fans were relieved and consoled with the prospect of a Man of Steel 2 happening.

James Gunn on The Suicide Squad set
James Gunn

However, now that the studio executives have hinted that the much-anticipated sequel to the 2013 Superman film might not be in the cards for DC after all, Snyder fans seem to have lost their temper yet again. Only this time, James Gunn might have become the target of their rage as they seemingly attempt to pit DC Studios’ co-CEO against Henry Cavill following the new developments in the superhero franchise.

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Henry Cavill-led Man of Steel 2 Might Not See the Light of Day 

A couple of days ago, The Hollywood Reporter dropped a huge bombshell on the DC fandom, claiming that many projects in the DCEU are either going to be brought to a halt or are on the verge of getting outright cancelled. And when James Gunn responded to these claims by pointing out  that “some of it is true,” the audience didn’t know how to react.

Following the news about DC wiping the slate clean and starting afresh, it is believed that various films are highly likely to not make it to the big screens. These are said to include Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 3, a sequel to the recent Dwayne Johnson-led movie, Black Adam, and Man of Steel 2 with Henry Cavill at the front line.

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Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

The mere possibility of Man of Steel 2 getting cancelled though, was enough to instigate bouts of anger amongst the audience, especially those who’d been waiting for years to see this sequel happen since Zack Snyder directed the first part almost a decade ago. And it looks the same rage is encouraging Snyder’s fans to lash out at Gunn, with many even claiming that this is all happening because the Peacemaker director “hates” Cavill.

Are Zack Snyder Fans Pitting James Gunn and Henry Cavill Against Each Other?

Andy Behbakht, a popular journalist, recently tweeted about the matter, claiming how it is peculiar that people should think there is any sort of resentment brewing from either Cavill or Gunn’s side, especially since the former had himself mentioned how “excited” he was to join forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker in the foreseeable future.

One user seems to be of the belief that it is enraged Snyder fans who are spreading such rumors about Gunn “hating” Cavill. Meanwhile, many are pointing out how Cavill looking forward to work with Gunn doesn’t prove anything vital, considering how the Dawn of Justice star said that about a month ago under much different circumstances.


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Some people also seem to be straight-up criticizing Gunn for scrapping multiple DCEU projects, with one user even calling him a “useless troll,” claiming that the 56-year-old director is “only good for Guardians of the Galaxy.” 


However, it is also important to note that Gunn hasn’t openly said anything about scrapping Man of Steel 2 specifically and these are still mostly rumors by various sources. So, maybe there is some hope left for DC fans.

For the time being though, Man of Steel can be streamed on Netflix.


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