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‘It’s the doomiest move’: John Cena Reveals Jackie Chan Taught Him Deadly Kung FU Move for ‘Snafu’ – A Film We May Never Get To See

Several notable wrestlers of the WWE have appeared in movies and series. Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson and John Cena are some of the famous ones to make it in Hollywood. However, there was a canceled film that starred John Cena along with Jackie Chan that never saw the light of day! A special move taught by Jackie Chan was used by John Cena on Jimmy Fallon to knock the host off his feet!

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A shot of John Cena and Jackie Chan from Snafu (2022).
A shot of John Cena and Jackie Chan from Snafu (2022).

“He taught me my new finishing maneuver,” said John Cena

In a hilarious video shared on Youtube, the legendary wrestler is seen in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonWith much enthusiasm, the part fighter part actor is seen sharing the news of he and the legendary Jackie Chan starring in a film together.

John Cena as Jakob Torreto in F9 (2021).
John Cena as Jakob Torreto in F9 (2021).

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Jimmy Fallon (being Jimmy) asks whether he learned any moves from the 68-year-old actor to which John Cena had a fitting reply.

The move seems to be John Cena’s favorite as an unconscious Jimmy Fallon stands as proof. The wrestler is seen stating haunting things like “don’t move” and “I have the power of lightning” to an already scared Jimmy Fallon. The video ends with John Cena residing over a knocked-out Jimmy Fallon. Although, this was all for comedic purposes only the people couldn’t help but admire the humor and the ingenuity of the duo.

So what happened to Snafu if it had such killer moves?

John Cena as the character of Peacemaker in the DC Universe.
John Cena as the character of Peacemaker in the DC Universe.

Killer moves and a legendary cast cannot save a film it appears. Despite being a hyped-up movie, the film started sensing troubles due to the increasing tensions between US and China. After the cameras stopped rolling in 2019, the film sat waiting on shelves hoping for a distributor to pick it up. John Cena, while promoting F9 in China in 2021 also set himself up for controversy when he referred to Taiwan as a separate country (which is a big no-no from China).

Since then, there has been no news about the release of the movie. The duo of Jackie Chan and John Cena were very excited to be a part of the movie but it seems that both are quiet now for a while. Recent rumors suggest that the film could potentially release this year i.e., 2022 but nothing has been confirmed yet. John Cena was recently seen in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad (2021) as Peacemaker followed by a spin-off of the character, with him in the starring role.

Peacemaker is available to stream on HBO Max.

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