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‘It’s time to move on from Henry Cavill’: From Chris Pratt to Matt Bomer, Internet’s Already Fancasting DCU’s New Younger Superman after Cavill’s Departure

'It's time to move on from Henry Cavill': From Chris Pratt to Matt Bomer, Internet's Already Fancasting DCU's New Younger Superman after Cavill's Departure

It was quite recently announced that Henry Cavill would once again be taking his leave from the DC Studios. The news came as a shock to the fans of the superhero universe that were waiting to see how and when the actor will be returning after his cameo in Black Adam. Does this mean that there is no place for Superman in the universe anymore? Well, that’s as far from the truth as possible.

Superman played by Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill’s Superman

James Gunn had more news for DCU fans. The new slate of the upcoming future of the studios, as decided by him and Peter Safran, has Superman on its list, and of course, it’s not Henry Cavill. Apparently, there will be another Superman project focusing on the earlier days of the superhero and fans have their fan casts ready!

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The New, Younger Superman

Jacob Elordi
Jacob Elordi

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The recently-appointed head of the DC Studios, James Gunn, took to his Twitter to give some insights into what the future of DCU holds. In his quest for revamping the superhero universe, Gunn announced that he and co-head Peter Safran had a slate all ready to go which they “couldn’t be more over the moon about.” This slate includes a younger Superman-centered project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gunn is writing the script of the movie himself. Also replying to a fan’s tweet, Gunn confirmed that the movie is not going to be an origin film.

While at first fans were furious to see Henry Cavill leave so soon, and some of them still are, it didn’t take long enough for them to think about who would fit the role of young Superman perfectly. They soon took to Twitter and have kept their choices out in the open. While Chris Pratt, Matt Bomer, and David Corenswet are a few actors among the choices, one name seems to be ruling the list – The Kissing Booth actor, Jacob Elordi.

Even though fans have been asking for a Man of Steel sequel for a long time, it seems like Cavill’s exit from the DCU was quickly overshadowed by a promise of a younger Superman. While there seems to be a long, long list of fan favorites for the role, only time will tell who actually gets the honor! Since Gunn stated that they might be able to share details about the upcoming projects early next year, it might not take long for fans to get introduced to the new face of the red-caped superhero!

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Could Henry Cavill Still be a Part of DCU’s Future?

James Gunn
James Gunn

Along with giving the news of Cavill’s exit and DCU’s slate, Gunn also stated that during the meeting with the Enola Holmes actor, they had discussions with him about the possibilities of working on future projects together. At the moment, there is no way of knowing whether the possibilities include a DCU project or one outside of the studios.

However, it could also be possible that Cavill reprises his role as Superman in the future as the older version of the superhero. Another possibility is that Cavill just might return to the DCU as a different character altogether. We cannot wait to see what Gunn and Safran have planned for the DCU and how it all plays out. Hopefully, all of the criticism they are currently receiving ends up being worth it!

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