“It’s Unbelievable”: Bryce Dallas Howard Addresses Potential Star Wars Movie Director Rumors

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Bryce Dallas Howard responded to fans’ demands for her to drive her debut in the Star Wars universe. Howard is the daughter of Solo: A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard, she began her acting career by playing minor roles in her father’s films before stepping towards the big projects.

Bryce Dallas Howard plans to Direct Star Wars movie
Bryce Dallas Howard plans to Direct the Star Wars movie

Her most well-known role is “Claire Dearing” in the Jurassic World franchise, but the director of the dinosaur theme park has gone bad. Although, she will be starring in the third film in that trilogy, the nominal franchise-capper Jurassic World Dominion, which will be hitting theatres on June 9, 2022.

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Bryce Dallas Howard Responds to Her Fans to Direct Star Wars Movie

Byrce Dallas Howard talks about big projects
Bryce Dallas Howard talks about big projects

She is mainly best known for her work in front of the camera, her transition to directing has been arising nowadays. In 2006, she began with the short film named “Orchids”, after that she started directing shorts and music videos. Her direction of that series became so popular among fans that she was begged to helm The Book of Boba Fett’s Mandalorian episode, which was released earlier this year, and saw Mando triumphantly return to Star Wars after the season 2 finale.

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Vanity Fair had an interview with Bryce Dallas Howard to discuss her skills behind the camera work. During the conversation, they talked about how the fan fever is building, demanding that she should direct her own Star Wars movie. Further, she responds to those saying that “it’s unbelievable” and, while it’s a difficult expectation, she hopes to “never let anyone down, ever.” She added:


“I mean, what do you say [to something like that]? It’s unbelievable. I just hope to never let anyone down, ever, as long as I live. That’s not necessarily always possible, but my goodness, you know?”

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Star Wars upcoming projects
Star Wars upcoming projects

She also sidesteps saying whether she plans to direct a Star Wars film. She then responds rapidly to the fans’ interest in her career being expanded, rather than a specific thing that they want to know. This might be the result of controversial wording, but she might be trying to cover the question without revealing that she is undoubtedly connected to a new film. Maybe she wouldn’t be able to talk about it before it’s officially announced. Undoubtedly, there’s no way she would dominate something that is blowing the fans directly and keeping them interested in all the many offerings the franchise carries.

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