“I’ve been spoiled”: Matthew Perry Got a Brutal Reality Check While Starring in a Play After His Ten-Year Run on Friends

Doing theatre was a completely different experience for Matthew Perry compared to his television days.

Matthew Perry in The End of Longing, Matthew Perry in Friends


  • Matthew Perry debuted as a playwright with the 2017 play The End of Longing.
  • The actor described the differences between being in a play and doing television shows.
  • Perry believes the royal treatment in television spoiled him compared to the chaotic nature of doing theatre.
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The late Matthew Perry was a man of many talents venturing into several mediums of entertainment. While many people know him as Chandler Bing from Friends, he has also made some successful films over the years including Fools Rush In, The Whole Nine Yards, and 17 Again. The actor also made his theatre debut in 2003 with the play Sexual Perversity in Chicago.

Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing in FRIENDS
Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing in Friends

He went on to become a playwright with his next venture, The End of Longing, where he plays an exaggerated version of himself named Jack. Jumping from a hit show like Friends to creating/starring in a Broadway show was a completely different experience. The actor stated that he was spoiled by the ‘royal’ treatment on TV shows and he got a reality check while making his play.

Matthew Perry Claims Doing TV Shows Spoiled Him As He Transitioned to Theatre

Matthew Perry debuted as a playwright with his play The End of Longing
Matthew Perry debuted as a playwright with his play The End of Longing

After his highly successful run as Chandler Bing on Friends, Matthew Perry started venturing into other territories where he could explore more as an actor. He made his theatre debut with 2003’s Sexual Perversity in Chicago and also started appearing in dramatic roles in TV projects like The West Wing, The Ron Clark Story, and The Kennedys: After Camelot.


In 2017, his play The End of Longing made its Off-Broadway debut in the United States. Perry wrote the play which chronicled the lives of four lost souls who are searching for the meaning of life. In an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Perry revealed how an Off-Broadway production differs drastically from television.

The Friends star claimed that in television, there are people around the actors who serve their needs and requirements. However. there is no such royal treatment in theatre and one has to do everything themselves. The actor joked that he struggled to juggle his requirements as there were no helpers around him. He said,

“It’s really different than television. I’ve been spoiled by doing television because, in television, people do things for you all the time. If you want a diet coke, someone gets it for you. In theatre, we’re in tech rehearsals right now and it’s very crazy down there and I wanted a diet coke today and they were like ‘Get it Yourself’. I want to change pants, isn’t there 15 people here to do that?”

The actor has also stated how being on stage feels naked and vulnerable (via The Standard). The Off-Broadway production of the play was directed by Lindsay Posner who previously worked with Perry on Sexual Perversity in Chicago. The other three characters Jeffrey, Stephanie, and Stevie were played by Quincy Dunn-Baker, Jennifer Morrison, and Sue Jean Kim.


Matthew Perry Singled Out Fools Rush In As The Best Film of His Career

Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek in 1997's Fools Rush In
Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek in 1997’s Fools Rush In

In addition to various TV shows, Matthew Perry has also been a part of several films. While audiences will always treasure his role as Chandler Bing to be his most successful one, Perry has another role/film that he considers to be the best thing he has ever done.

Salma Hayek uploaded a screenshot of Perry answering some fan questions on Instagram, in her tribute to the late actor. In it, Perry was asked if Chandler is his favorite role to which the actor answered that Fools Rush In, a rom-com he did with Hayek was the best film of his career. He wrote,

“I did a movie that I loved called Fools Rush In with Salma Hayek — that was probably my best movie.”

While the film did not receive good reviews when it was released in 1997, it has slowly become a celebratory cult film following Perry’s passing. Perry’s turn from a comedic genius in FRIENDS to a charming lover boy in the film has been appreciated as many have retrospectively analyzed the film (via GQ). Fans can watch/rent the film on Amazon Prime.


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