“I’ve got a rough roadmap”: Invincible Creator’s Latest Update Might Replicate The Walking Dead Problem in the Worst Way Possible

Robert Kirkman is willing to release up to "100 seasons" of Invincible.

“I’ve got a rough roadmap”: Invincible Creator’s Latest Update Might Replicate The Walking Dead Problem in the Worst Way Possible


  • Invincible creator Robert Kirkman said his plans for the animated show has already been mapped out.
  • Kirkman intends to release as many as "100 seasons" so long as he's got a story to tell.
  • The Invincible franchise could be making the same mistake as AMC's The Walking Dead.
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Invincible creator Robert Kirkman recently shared his plans for the animated show, and it seems he wants to continue going on forever as long as he’s got ideas. The rich story of Kirkman’s comic series may justify his ambitious goals for the TV series, but anything that overstays their welcome always leads to disappointment.

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Mark Grayson Invincible
Mark Grayson from Invincible

The show follows the adventures of teenager Mark Grayson as he tries to understand his superpowers. It was well-received by fans which somehow gave Kirkman the confidence to bring out more from the franchise.


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Robert Kirkman Wants To Make 100 Seasons Of Invincible

In his interview with Collider, Robert Kirkman revealed he has mapped out the story of Invincible for every season. He also admitted he wants the show to go on as long as there’s a story to tell:


So, I’m writing every season with everybody. I’m working on every season with it in mind that we’re gonna go for as long as we need to go to fully adapt the comics because I want, if we are lucky enough and fortunate enough to be able to do that, for it all to be seamless.”

Kirkman has perfectly figured out how each event would branch out to another story that’s meant for another season. Indeed, he has thought of everything from start to finish:

And so when we were writing Season 1, I was like, ‘Okay, well, that’s gonna lead to this. That’ll happen in Season 3, and this will happen in Season 4, and then if we do it that way, that can happen in Season 5 and Season 6.’

Invincible 1

Whether it was an exaggeration or not, Kirkman confessed he wanted the show to stay around for a while and go as far as 100 seasons. He further added:


I’ve got a rough road map for the whole thing from the beginning. So, that hasn’t really changed. We don’t have anything to announce yet for anything past Season 3, but we’re very hopeful that we’ll get to go for a good long while. I mean, I’m thinking like 100 seasons.”

Is he planning to follow in the footsteps of AMC’s The Walking Dead? With a whopping 11 seasons, the horror drama show started well but dragged halfway because they could no longer stick to the original storyline. The show injected a lot of unnecessary characters and plots that no longer inform the main purpose of the show.

The lack of a new narrative was also a factor in why its viewership declined, which could also happen with Invincible if the creator was serious about releasing a hundred seasons.


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Will There Be An Invincible Spinoff?

Invincible 2

Robert Kirkman also responded in the same interview with Collider about the possibility of an Invincible spinoff. Since the Atom Eve special performed really well on Prime Video, the fans have evidently shown interest in the character. According to Kirkman:


It was great to be able to focus on one character. I’m very proud of the fact that a lot of these characters have very complicated backstories, and it’s hard to shove into an episode without it being distracting. It’s a nice venue to be able to focus on a character. So it’s possible that we may do something else in the future.”

Similarly, The Walking Dead also released six spinoffs, namely: The Walking Dead: Dead City, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Tales of the Walking Dead, and The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.

The spinoffs received mixed reviews from fans, claiming they failed to honor the original show and they were trying hard to reanimate a dead franchise. If Kirkman ever decides to give the spinoff plan a go, it needs to introduce something innovative and fresh to the viewers to make it worth watching.


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