“I’ve got drugs”: Martin Freeman’s Date R*pe Joke Goes Viral as Miller’s Girl Trailer Shows Him Being Seduced by Jenna Ortega

Martin Freeman's controversial joke surfaces amid Miller's Girl trailer reveal.

"I've got drugs": Martin Freeman's Date R*pe Joke Goes Viral as Miller's Girl Trailer Shows Him Being Seduced by Jenna Ortega


  • Martin Freeman's controversial comments are resurfacing with the release of the trailer of his upcoming film Miller's Girl.
  • The film follows a complex relationship between a teacher and his student.
  • People are raising questions over the film's plot and Freeman's past controversial comments.
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The Emmy-winning actor Martin Freeman’s controversial comments are resurfacing with the release of the trailer of his upcoming film Miller’s Girl. The 52-year-old actor, who is popular for starring in The Hobbit trilogy, is also known for a series of offensive statements, ranging from inappropriate comments to homophobic remarks. As concerns grow over the disturbing theme of his upcoming film with Jenna Ortega, people are now raising their voices against both the movie and the controversial history of its leading star.

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The Unsettling Theme of Martin Freeman And Jenna Ortega’s Upcoming Film

Written and directed by Jade Bartlett, Miller’s Girl features Martin Freeman and Jenna Ortega as Cairo Sweet and Jonathan Miller, a teacher and student duo who develop a complex relationship after a creative writing assignment. The film is set to release in January 2024, following its world premiere at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Miller's Girl
Miller’s Girl

However, people do not seem too eager about the movie, especially due to its unsettling theme and the past controversial statements made by Freeman. During a 2013 interview with Danish TV, the actor joked about date-r*ping an elf. He said, via Yahoo


“I’ve got a ladder. It’s fine. And I’ve got drugs. I could just make them — you know. Slip them something in their goblet. Some will get offended by that now. Cause they’ll call it r*pe or whatever. But, um, you know. For me, it’s a helping hand.” 

Martin Freeman
Martin Freeman in The Hobbit

It did not sit well with people and many called him out for making such a spiteful statement. His controversial statements are now resurfacing once again amidst the release of the trailer of Miller’s Girl, which features him alongside 21-year-old actress Jenna Ortega.

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People Speak Out Against Miller’s Girl

Martin Freeman and Jenna Ortega’s upcoming film Miller’s Girl has caused many to raise questions not only about the film itself but also about its cast. Sharing their thoughts on the movie’s trailer, a  Twitter user called it the Wednesday star’s “worst work” and questioned why the two respected actors would agree to do a film that states “a dangerous narrative about female victims.”

Others discussed how Ortega may have gone too extreme in an attempt to break free from “childish roles.” Many also pointed out Freeman’s past comments about date r*pe, stating that they are not surprised to see him in a movie like Miller’s Girl. People are also raising questions about the student-teacher relationship portrayed in the movie as they also question why some of the acclaimed actors would take on a project like this.


Miller’s Girl is set to be released on January 26, 2024.

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