‘I’ve had co-workers break down and start crying’: VFX Artist Claims Marvel Studios Underpaid and Overworked Artists, Internet Hits Back Saying People Work For Longer Hours So Stop Whining


Since its take-off in the Iron Man film, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded into a large collection of inter-connected productions including movies and shows. It has seen great success over the years, with Avengers: Endgame grossing the second highest amount in history.

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The movies are known to rely on Computer-generated imagery (CGI) to achieve mesmerizing visuals over practical effects. And these visual effects (VFX) require plenty of high-end computers and labor to achieve.

Marvel VFX Artists Complain of Grueling Work Schedule

In an interview with Vulture, an ex-Marvel VFX artist claims the studio forces effects houses to produce high-quality results in short deadlines; and will also ask for VFX on reshoots very close to release, causing the artists to be overworked and generally understaffed.


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Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige is mainly credited for the MCU’s success.

The artists are forced to work longer than they’re supposed to, otherwise, their studio will be blacklisted from receiving any more projects from Marvel. Further describing the unbearable work atmosphere, the artist claim:


“I was working 7 days a week, averaging 64 hours a week on a good week…. I’ve had co-workers sit next to me, break down and start crying.”

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Fans Laugh off the Claims

Despite the description of the difficult work hours and the stress, fans aren’t sympathetic to the VFX artist’s plight. With many telling them to look for other jobs if it’s such a big problem, some suggested they should look at railroad workers to realize how better their life and pay is.


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Avengers: Endgame saw a large amount of VFX used in its climax.

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While it’s always been known that many movies force VFX studios to work incessantly to produce quality work over a short period of time, many people faulted the VFX studios for accepting such difficult jobs and assigning them to a handful of people.


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Furthermore, considering the difficulty in other menial jobs with lower pay, fans are unlikely to be sympathetic to them, with their love and adoration for the films also playing a role in the dismissal of the claims by VFX artists.


Source: Vulture


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