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“I’ve had those arguments with women”: Marvel Star Chris Evans Doesn’t Like His Movie With Ex-girlfriend Jessica Biel

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Avengers star Chris Evans is synonymous with his role as Captain America, the clean and wholesome all-American superhero of the MCU. While the character and the franchise made him a hugely popular superstar, the actor confessed that he initially wasn’t keen to portray Captain America, fearing that he might appear too cartoonish. It is intriguing to note that Chris Evans, contrary to his on-screen superhero image, actually preferred to play characters with darker and more sinister shades.

Captain america
Chris Evans as Captain America

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London proved to be a meta experience for Chris Evans

In an interview with W Magazine, Chris Evans spoke frankly about drawing on personal experiences to play complicated characters. In 2005’s London, the Captain America actor co-starred opposite his then-girlfriend Jessica Biel in a film about a couple caught in a toxic relationship. When asked if he had experienced similar relationship issues in reality, Chris Evans replied,

“I’ve had those arguments with women; I’ve said those things. Sadly, I related to that narcissistic drug addict!”

Chris Evans and Jessica Biel in London

Based on these comments, the actor was clearly alluding to experiences endured during his past breakups. Despite London not enjoying much praise from critics or fans, Chris Evans maintained that it was a role that allowed him to explore the dark side of the human mind.

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Chris Evans channeled his inner psychopath in Iceman

In Iceman, directed by Richard Kuklinski, Chris Evans plays a real-life contract killer named Robert Pronge. The film showcased the actor as a chilling and sadistic killer who methodically chopped up bodies. Speaking about the thrill of playing this character, Chris Evans said,

“I was obsessed with the Iceman. I’m attracted to that sociopathic stuff—the idea of no handcuffs on your personality. A thousand times a day I want to stand on my chair, kick over my water glass, and say what’s on my mind. But I don’t. Pronge did; he was the crazy mayor of his own island.”

Chris Evans as contract killer Robert Pronge in Iceman

The Gray Man actor also added that he enjoyed playing characters who had split personalities like Robert Pronge who was an ice cream seller by day and a killer by night. He ended by admitting that he was glad that he did not refuse Captain America as he would have regretted the decision in retrospect, considering the staggering success of the MCU franchise.

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Source: W Magazine



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