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“I’ve never met him in my life”: Kate Winslet Claims She Hasn’t Met Tom Cruise After Rubbing Her Avatar 2 Underwater Record on Top Gun Star’s Face


Kate Winslet has been on a press tour promoting her new film Avatar: The Way of Water. She has been gloating and relishing in her new record, beating Tom Cruise, Kate Winslet held her breath for seven minutes and forty-seven seconds underwater. The actor was training for her film when she broke her record and also broke the Mission: Impossible actor’s record.

Kate Winslet pokes fun at Tom Cruise

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Actress Kate Winslet attends the Giorgio Armani Prive Haute Couture Fall/Winter

Many asked Winslet if Tom Cruise reached out to her after she broke his record. She told the press that the actor has not reached out to her, “Poor Tom” she said poking fun at the actor. The Avatar actress said Tom Cruise might be tired of hearing stories about her breaking his record, but she couldn’t be prouder.

“I mean, I don’t know Tom at all – I’ve never met him in my life – but I’m sure he’s getting very fed up with hearing this story of how I broke his record,”

The actress expressed her joy at breaking the record.

I loved it, though … I was amazed how good I was at it and how I just kept getting better.”

Winslet credited her husband for supporting and training her throughout. In an interview even James Cameron commented on how competitive Kate Winslet gets, he also talked about how she gave it her all during training.

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Kate Winslet reveals that her husband trained with her

Kate Winslet and her husband
Kate Winslet and her husband

The actress while relishing in her glory did not forget to acknowledge the effort and support her husband gave her. She revealed that it is like a sport and you need to do it with someone, doing it alone is not safe.

Ned is an extremely fit, healthy person and is capable of a great many things,” Winslet shared with the publication.

He trained with me so that if I needed to practice without our instructor there we were safe because you really can’t do it by yourself. It’s the same as scuba diving: You have to have a buddy. It’s a sport, it’s a skill, and your body adjusts to being able to do that thing. So having Ned there was very important.”

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Kate Winslet and her husband Edward Abel Smith

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Her husband Edward Abel Smith formerly known as Ned Rocknroll, practiced with Winslet to support her. Sigourney Weaver, Winslet’s co-actor confirmed that there was no breath-holding competition among the cast members. The co-actor added saying everyone has their personal best,

My husband (theater director Jim Simpson) and I both did 6 ½ minutes, which was astonishing to us and our teacher, Kirk Krack, who teaches the Navy SEALs. Everyone had a personal best.”

The movie has been doing extremely well at the box office. It is very close to crossing 2 billion, it will soon collect more than Spider-Man: No Way Home and Avengers: Endgame. It is a mega hit at the Box-office, but there are no plans of releasing it on OTT, however, it will release on Disney+ but there has been no official date.

Avatar: The Way of Water is in the theatres near you.

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