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“You can ask me anything”: Kate Winslet Stopped Avatar 2 Interview to Comfort Young Teenager Has Won the Internet

Kate Winslet Stopped Avatar 2 Interview to Comfort Young Teenager Has Won the Internet

Avatar 2 was released on 16 December 2022, the movie is still going strong at the Box office and will also release on OTT. The cast of Avatar: The way of Water includes Sam Worthington playing Jake Sully, Kate Winslet playing Ronal, and Michelle Yeoh as Dr. Karina, including many others reprising their roles and new additions. The Sully couple has few kids now and The Way of Water revolves around their relationship and an impending disaster.

Winslet’s press tour for Avatar has been full of fun, frolic, and drama. Her beauty is captivating, and so is her warm yet bold personality. In her press tour, the Titanic star encountered every kind of question and comment, some were endearing, curious, and intelligent and some were off-putting.

Kate Winslet can hold her breath underwater for 7 Minutes

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The main cast of Avatar 2 with the director James Cameron.

On the tour she disclosed that the actress held her breath for seven minutes underwater, yes, SEVEN, that is almost insane. Cameron said, “Kate’s a demon for prep, so she latched onto the free diving as something that she could build her character around,”, the director further explained that,

“Kate’s character is someone who grew up underwater as an ocean-adapted Na’vi — they’re so physically different from the forest Na’vi, that we’d almost classify them as a subspecies. So she had to be utterly calm underwater, and it turned out that she was a natural.”

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Kate Winslet and James Cameron

There is a video of her holding her breath for seven mins 15 sec, which breaks Tom Cruise’s record, Kate Winslet added saying,

“I have the video of me surfacing saying, ‘Am I dead, have I died?’ And then going, ‘What was [my time]?’ Straight away I wanted to know my time. And I couldn’t believe it…The next thing I say is, ‘We need to the radio set. I wanted Jim to know right away.’” 

Both James Cameron and Kate Winslet bounced off each other’s energy and joked around the entire interview. Their dynamic added a lot of fun and laughter to the interview. Having worked together earlier in Titanic, it seems that the director knows his actors and actresses well.

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Kate Winslet stopped an entire interview to encourage a young interviewer

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Kate Winslet at the interview.

The press tour has had a lot of memorable moments but nothing comes close to this one, where Winslet stopped the interview to help a young girl. The Avatar actress was being interviewed for the German TV Network and a young reporter, Martha told the Titanic star that she is nervous as it is her first interview, “Um, it’s my first time.”

Winslet took a moment and bought herself close to the mic and talked directly to the young reporter, “This is your first time doing it?” the Oscar-winning actress asked, the reporter nodded, to which Kate Winslet replied,

“Ok, well guess what? When we do this interview, it’s going to be the most amazing interview ever. And do you know why? Because we’ve decided that it’s going to be. So, we’ve decided right now, me and you, that this is going to be a fantastic interview.”

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Lastly she nudged the young reporter saying, “You can ask me anything that you want, and you don’t have to be scared. Everything is going to be amazing. Ok? You’ve got this. Ok, let’s do it!”

This moment was shared on Twitter and has won the hearts of many, it already crossed more than a million views. It is moments like these where Winslet’s warmth and generosity shine, having achieved so much success and fame she could still relate to a young and nervous reporter. Even Taylor Swift and Adele are other female celebrities who have captured the audience’s hearts through these genuine moments of kindness.

This is the tweet that is being shared and loved by thousands. It became viral on the internet and people are loving this side of Kate Winslet.

Avatar: The Way of Water is in theatres.

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Written by Pragya Sancheti

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