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“I’ve seen it happen again and again and it’s a mess”: James Gunn Vows to Avoid One Mistake That Can Cost DCU Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

"I've seen it happen again and again and it's a mess": James Gunn Vows to Avoid One Mistake That Can Cost DCU Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

James Gunn is a passionate, most skilled, and talented director in America whose journey speaks volumes about his incredible contribution to art and cinema. Gunn has successfully helmed numerous superhero genre lines of projects, many of which have become fan favorites over the years, grossing millions, even billions of dollars. The director has established himself as a top-notch creative visionary who often leaves the audience stunned with his cinematic genius. 

He is now the co-CEO of the newly rebranded DC Studios. Earlier this year, the Guardians of the Galaxy director unveiled his significant plans and strategies for DC movies and television shows with Peter Safran. During his media interaction at the Warner Bros. studio, Gunn also vowed that they would not move any projects and put hundreds of millions of dollars into a film until its screenplay is complete.

James Gunn Unveils His Big Plans For DC Projects

James Gunn
James Gunn

James Gunn is one of the most successful directors who has creatively led several fascinating projects, which have helped him cement his top-shelf spot in the film industry. Gunn has showcased his directing genius in dozens of films, for he narrates critically acclaimed superhero stories, making him one of the most-in-demand filmmakers. He began his professional journey as a screenwriter and steadily established himself as a renowned director. 

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James Gunn
James Gunn

Last year, Warner Bros. Discovery chief David Zaslav announced that he had appointed Peter Safran and Gunn as the heads of the newly formed DC Studios with control over films, animation, and television projects, and this left many stunned with fans of the acclaimed directors thrilled with the news. Now the duo are supervising the creative aspects of the future projects of DC. 

In January, they unveiled their plans and shared their new vision for DC Universe. They announced multiple projects and shared how they will move forward with their newly made strategies. During the press conference, the 57-year-old director also claimed they would not greenlight any movie or television show until its writing part is finished before production.

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James Gunn Claims He Wants to Avoid Making This mistake with Future DC Projects

James Gunn
James Gunn

During his media interaction, James Gunn claimed that the studio would not greenlight any project if the script had not been ready before production, saying, 

 “People have become beholden to dates, to holding dates, to getting movies made no matter what. At the end of the day, I’m a writer at my heart, and we’re not going to be making movies before the screenplay is finished.”

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The director continued,

“And if that means our plan has to shift a little bit–it’s going to happen, we know it’s going to happen…we’re not going to be making movies and putting hundreds of millions of dollars in a film where a screenplay is only two-thirds of the way done and we have to finish it while we’re making the movie. I’ve seen it happen again and again, and it’s a mess. I think it’s the primary reason for the deterioration in the quality of films today versus 30 years ago.”

Gunn said that millions of dollars go into creating projects, and he wants to avoid making this mistake with future films and shows of DC to move them into production before their screenplay is complete, adding that it is one of the reasons for the deterioration in the quality of movies today. He continued by stating that he did not want to spend millions of dollars on reshoots.

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