“Jackie panicked, we could have had a very tragic accident”: Jackie Chan Saved Oscar Nominee Michelle Yeoh’s Life During One of His Life Threatening Stunts

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Michelle Yeoh is currently enjoying the success of critic’s acclaimed Everything Everywhere All at Once. Yeoh is nominated for Best Actress in the 95th Academy Awards for her commendable work in Everything Everywhere All at Once as Evelyn Quan Wang. The 60-year-old Malaysian actress rose to fame by starring in a series of action films in Hong Kong. In one such action film co-starring with legendary Jackie Chan, Yeoh revealed how she dodged death while shooting an action sequence.


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Jackie Chan saved Michelle Yeoh's life
Jackie Chan saved Michelle Yeoh’s life

Jackie Chan Saved Michelle Yeoh’s Life

In an interview, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings actress revealed that she faced a major accident during the shooting of a stunt sequence for a Hong Kong-based action movie, Police Story 3: Supercop, but was saved by her co-star Jackie Chan. Yeoh shared how this movie was of special importance as she was making her comeback while playing a revolutionary role by featuring women in action movies.

The actress went ahead and explained the scenario of a little-prepared action sequence common back in the days in Asia. Yeoh explained how she was fool enough to do dangerous stunts in the movie, which she will never do now. The actress confessed that while dubbing the movie for international audiences, she realized that the stunts she performed by herself were extremely dangerous. Yeoh’s explanation underlines the seriousness of the accident and the damage it could have caused.


“What was I thinking? I was swinging at the side of trucks. I was riding a motorcycle onto a moving train. I was doing the most insane stunts that even stunt people would say you are insane. I remember the worst stunt, where we could have had a very tragic accident in that movie. You can see it in the outtakes later on, is when I am on top of the truck, the van and the bad guys are shooting at me and so I am rolling off, rolling off and Jackie is coming up behind the van with his convertible and I have to roll off the van onto his convertible. And then he breaks and I roll off.

What was supposed to happen was the windscreen was supposed to shatter and that would have helped me have a break. But the windscreen didn’t shatter, I had nowhere to hold on to and I kept sliding off the car. And if you watch the outtakes, you can see Jackie panic. He can see me going off and I’m floundering, he reaches over and he literally just gets me — luckily, I think he saved my head — by my shirt.”

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Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn in Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022).
Michelle Yeoh in Everything Everywhere All At Once

Michelle Yeoh Never Gave Up

Michelle Yeoh shared how tough it was for women in Hong Kong back in the day to be a part of action movies as their male counterparts like Jackie Chan performed real life-threatening stunts by themselves. Yeon didn’t give up after this accident which could have become fatal for her if only Chan wouldn’t be there. Yet Everything Everywhere All at Once star didn’t hesitate while going for a reshoot of the particular action scene. The actress said that when you fall off a horse you need to get back on it right away, Yeoh went ahead and finished the scene in the next shot without hesitation.


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Michelle Yeoh
Michelle Yeoh

Yeoh who featured action legends like Jackie Chan back in the day didn’t fall back to represent a strong female character who has their own significance in action movies. Yeoh has definitely impressed fans all over the globe and her dedication to bringing perfection onboard is the true reason for her today’s success.


Source: Entertainment Weekly

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