James Cameron’s Avatar 3 Will Have “True Diversity”, Confirms Producer

Producer Jon Landau states Avatar 3 will have ‘true diversity’ by showcasing Earth-like diversity among the Na’vi people.

James Cameron's Avatar 3 Will Have "True Diversity", Confirms Producer


  • After showcasing themes of humanity and environmentalism, Avatar 3 will focus more on diversity.
  • Producer Jon Landau confirms the threequel will feature diversity among the Na'vi people.
  • Avatar 3 will aims to help people accept diversity within themselves and others and accept it.
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James Cameron’s Avatar introduced the audience to a whole new side of cinema. Not only did it explore what can be created using cutting-edge modern technology within the art of filmmaking, but it also offered a complex storyline involving human greed, love, betrayal, and environmental themes. 

Avatar (2009)
Avatar (2009)

Just like the first movie, the sequel Avatar: The Way of Water, took us on yet another immersive ride in the world of Pandora. But the sequel also introduced the audience to the other side of Na’vi culture, by introducing new diversities. However, as per producer Jon Landau, the anticipated threequel will focus more on bringing diversity to the Avatar mythos. 

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Avatar 3 Will Have ‘True Diversity’ As Per Producer Jon Landau

A still from Avatar: Way of Water
A still from Avatar: Way of Water

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Avatar has been instrumental in showcasing what filmmaking can achieve with the use of technology. But that is not all it has done, through its mythos, the movies have explored complex themes of environmentalism. colonialism, spirituality, morality, and so forth. Centered around both humans and the Na’vi people, it dwells deep into humanity’s relationship with nature, all the while creating a world that is not so different from ours in terms of ‘diversity’.

However, the threequel will be going even deeper into the theme of diversity, showcasing an almost parallel world with a more intensified view of Pandora and the multiple unique inhabitants it houses. Producer Jon Landau, in a recent interview with ScreenRant, revealed, 


“What I’m excited to show fans [is] the diversity of Na’vi clans. That’s going to be in the movie and that’s in the games. And I think I’m talking about true diversity. I’m not talking about just sitting there and going, ‘Okay, we’re going to plop down another clan and just dress them in different costumes.’ I’m talking about what are their beliefs.”

With the Avatar mythos becoming more complex and diverse, he added it isn’t just about diversity but also accepting others and themselves for what they are. 

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Avatar 3 Aims To Get Everybody Embrace Diversity

James Cameron
James Cameron’s Avatar wants people to embrace diversity

Filmmaking is all about leaving the audience with a new feeling, a new experience, and a lingering feeling of what the filmmaker wants to say. Even science-fiction movies like Avatar have the capacity to leave the audience with lingering feelings of sympathy, empathy, and an understanding of a diverse and interconnected world. 


While revealing that Avatar 3 will feature a more diverse storyline and explore the complex world of Pandora, Jon Landau stated to ScreenRant, 

“It is just like we have on earth; using our worlds in the video game and in the movies as a metaphor for Earth and trying to get everybody to embrace the Na’vi expression ‘Oel ngati kameie’ [I see you]. It doesn’t mean I see you physically. It means, ‘I see you for who you are, and I accept you for who you are.’ But you could only do that if you set up diversity.

And as we get into the movies, we’re going to see that, just like not all humans are bad, not all Na’vi are good.”While it would be an interesting take on the world of the Na’vi people, the movie is not expected to be released soon. As of now Avatar 3 is slated to release on December 19, 2025.


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