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James Gunn Confirms New DC projects Will Be Announced This January, Henry Cavill Fans Demand: “Announce your resignation”

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The big decisions taken by James Gunn and Peter Safran at DC Studios have upset a lot, and we mean a LOT of DCU fans who were expecting something new and positive. Henry Cavill has been shown the door, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 3 is not happening, and even The Rock has been told that Black Adam’s future in the ‘first chapter’ of the new DCU is non-existent.

While these new decisions seem to have struck fans at the very core of their hearts, it is also important to note James Gunn and Peter Safran might actually make the DCU way better, and all they need is time and trust from fans. However, fans still stay bitter about the new changes.

James Gunn FandomWire
James Gunn

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Fans Loathe James Gunn’s Plans For Important DCU Announcements In January

Although it has been a messy decade for fans of the DCU, they will be optimistic upon hearing the news that new DC Studios bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran have big things planned ahead for the franchise.

James Gunn FandomWire
James Gunn

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2023 will be a very exciting year for DCU fans, the road map for their favorite franchise will be clear for all to see. However, fans who are still bitter about fan-favorite Henry Cavill being removed from the franchise, and fans in general, have expressed their disapproving emotions at any opportunity presented to them-

A heartbreaking remark-

Give him back his role! –

The demand is real-

They don’t like him at all-

Nostradamus? –

It seems like this will go on for a long time, unless and until James Gunn decides that it is time for Henry Cavill to come back!

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James Gunn Confirms That Elseworlds Movies Will Happen

One of the much more positive aspects of the major overhauling process initiated by James Gunn and Peter Safran is the possibility of new movie series being introduced by DC Studios.

There are already two major releases from the DCU that could be considered as part of the Elseworlds category- Todd Phillips’ Joker and Matt Reeves’ The Batman. It would be important to note that these two projects have been some of the most successful releases from DC ever, so it’s only probable that Gunn and Safran wouldn’t mind having a few more of them.

James Gunn FandomWire
James Gunn

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In fact, Gunn himself has confirmed that developments regarding the same are already happening. A fan asked the Guardians of the Galaxy director on Twitter about plans for “Elseworlds DC projects that aren’t set in the DCU”, to which he replied-

So DC fans, keep your hopes high. A sequel for Joker is already on the way, and there are already plans for a follow-up to The Batman, the future doesn’t seem too bleak after all!

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