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Dwayne Johnson Reveals He is Not Completely Out of DCU After James Gunn’s Reboot, Details His Contract With DC Over Black Adam

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Dwayne Johnson was cast as Black Adam in 2014, and close to a decade later, he finally made his DC debut in October 2022. The actor has frequently shared the efforts he made to introduce the anti-hero in the DCU. Not just that, The Rock also had plans regarding Black Adam’s future in the cinematic universe. However, the 2022 film’s underwhelming box office performance and the reboot of the DCU have created uncertainty about Black Adam’s future in the DCU.

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

The Black Adam star has finally addressed the issue as he released a statement after he met with the co-CEO of DC Studios, James Gunn. The Rock shared the possible future of Black Adam in DCU under the agreement between DC and his production company, Seven Bucks Productions.

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Dwayne Johnson Provides Update About Black Adam’s Future in New DCU

In the midst of the whole reboot drama at DC Studios, Dwayne Johnson has dropped another bombshell for DC fans. Followed by Henry Cavill, the Black Adam actor released a statement on Twitter saying that his DC character may not return to the big screen anytime soon. In the statement, he mentioned that Black Adam is not in James Gunn’s “first chapter of storytelling.” 

The Rock
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

The Baywatch star also reassured fans that the new CEO would certainly lead DCU on a better path as he said, “The decisions made by James [Gunn] and DC represent their vision of DCU through their creative lens.” He went on to describe the time and effort it took to introduce Black Adam to the world. 

“After 15 years of relentless hard work to finally make Black Adam, I’m very proud of the film we delivered for fans worldwide. I will always look back on the fan reaction to Black Adam with tremendous gratitude, humility, and love. We did great.”  

Black Adam (2022)
Black Adam (2022)

However, the Red Notice star claimed that Seven Bucks and DC would continue to explore ways to utilize Black Adam in the future. Dwayne Johnson’s production company, Seven Bucks Production, had an untitled Black Adam sequel planned with the studio, which could play out in the future phases of the new DCU.

James Gunn is yet to reveal his plans for the future of DC. However, the director-turned-executive has also said that he is looking forward to collaborating with the Seven Bucks Production in the future. 

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James Gunn Looks Forward to Collaborating With Seven Bucks

Dwayne Johnson took to Twitter to share the news that DC Studios is not planning to include Black Adam in its initial DCU plans. However, he did mention that DC and his production house would continue to explore ways to utilize the character in the future.

The co-CEO of DC Studios, James Gunn, replied to his tweet saying that he is excited to collaborate with Seven Bucks in the future. “Love @TheRock & I’m always excited to see what he & Seven Bucks do next. Can’t wait to collaborate soon,” Gunn said.

James Gunn
James Gunn

It is still not clear if the studio would continue where the 2022 film left off or would introduce the anti-hero with a new story and film. Dwayne Johnson said that he has known the Super director for years and is looking forward to working with him.

Considering that both of them are excited to collaborate, they would probably come up with something. For now, Black Adam is on rest and would probably not appear in DCU anytime soon.

Black Adam is now streaming on HBO Max.

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