“He was a pawn in Dwayne’s failed attempt”: Dwayne Johnson’s Silence Over Henry Cavill’s DCU Exit is a Threat to His People’s Champ Title

Dwayne Johnson's Silence Over Henry Cavill's DCU Exit is a Threat to His People's Champ Title
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When the release of Black Adam was just around the corner, Dwayne Johnson was on top of his game, making appearances in the public and media and doing almost everything to make sure that the film came on the scene as one of the biggest hits of the year from the DCEU. But as we all know now, The Rock either overestimated the film’s potential or overestimated the fans’ enthusiasm for his then-upcoming movie.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

With the film going down in the dumps in terms of box office success, it was kind of a letdown to see Johnson’s efforts go to waste, especially when he had gone through so much to bring back Henry Cavill in the film and into the DCEU again as Superman. But with James Gunn and Peter Safran axing the star’s future by removing him as the Man Of Steel, Dwayne Johnson seems to be keeping quiet about this whole ordeal, which has fans getting suspicious of his intentions to bring back Superman in the first place.

Dwayne Johnson’s Selfish Reason To Bring Back Henry Cavill As Superman In Black Adam

Henry Cavill’s contract covered his Superman role in Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson allegedly used Henry Cavill as a pawn

We all know and love Dwayne Johnson for his smoldering intensity and charismatic persona that he brings with him on screen in any project that he is a part of. known as ‘The People’s Champion’ from his days in the WWE ring, he has always strived to entertain millions of fans in the arena and also those watching from home. All of this has built him a trust that many stars only dream of with their fans. But recent actions or the lack of action, have led to the trust dwindling in the wind.


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With the news of CEO James Gunn doing what was feared for a long time and firing Henry Cavill as Superman from the DC cinematic universe, fans are going livid and doing everything in their power to let the Guardians Of The Galaxy director know of their displeasure of his decision. But on the other hand, it seems like The Rock has decided to keep his voice silent and not comment or react to this news, which seems odd for many reasons.

One of these reasons is all the preaching that he had done earlier about how the old management kept Cavill’s Superman on the sidelines and how he brought him back into the DCU. Plus, he also promised that he had big plans for Black Adam and Superman in the future, which fans will love. But after the film tanked at the box office, all of that talk is beginning to sound hollow. Many fans are now wondering, some convinced, that the only reason why Johnson wanted to bring Superman back was to control a certain part of the DCU as Black Adam.


With all his efforts of bringing the Man Of Steel back into the picture going down the drain after the lack of success of Black Adam, and the subsequent restructuring of the DCU by Gunn, it seems like Dwayne Johnson has failed in doing what he had set out to do by bringing Superman back in the fray. One report from The Hollywood Reporter pointed out that an insider said this about Henry Cavill’s return:

“In the end, he was a pawn in Dwayne’s failed attempt to control a piece of DC,”

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What’s Next For Dwayne Johnson?

Black Adam struggles at the box-office
Black Adam struggles at the box-office

After the monumental failure of Black Adam at the box office, it is no wonder that the future of the series is in doubt. Plus, with the addition of Gunn’s shuffle in the DCU in the bigger picture, it is really anyone’s guess what will happen to Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam in the universe. With the release of Shazam: Fury Of The Gods all set for next year, it is speculated that Johnson will finally make his appearance as the true bad guy of the series in the film, but that too is a major hope.


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Shazam! Fury Of The Gods, in cinemas on March 17, 2023

Source: The Hollywood Reporter



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