James Gunn Finally Kneels to Zack Snyder Fans, Releasing Director’s Cut of $747M Snyderverse Movie To Escape Backlash? New Report Reveals Upsetting DCU Civil War

James Gunn Finally Kneels to Zack Snyder Fans, Releasing Director's Cut of $747M Snyderverse Movie To Escape Backlash? New Report Reveals Upsetting DCU Civil War
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The DCEU controversy between James Gunn and Zack Snyder seems to have stretched over a long period of time, following Snyder’s exit from the Studios. However, recently after the Rebel Moon director disclosed his plans on an hour-long director’s cut for his upcoming sci-fi epic, Gunn’s DCU got deliberately dragged into fans’ debate. 

James Gunn
James Gunn

Facing a tumultuous time amid fans’ backlash, following the reports of Zack Snyder’s director’s cut for Rebel Moon, James Gunn seems to finally surrender to Snyderfans. According to new reports, it has been stated that Gunn has finally decided to release the director’s cut of the $747M Snyderverse movie. 

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James Gunn Might Release Director’s Cut Of $747M Movie

After Zack Snyder exited from DCEU and started focusing on his sci-fi extravagance Rebel Moon, James Gunn has been facing serious troubles from Snyder fans. Further, following the reports of Snyder’s plans for Rebel Moon‘s one-hour director’s cut, social media has become a living hell for Gunn. 

James Gunn
James Gunn faced intense backlash from Snyder fans

However, after months of backlash and criticism, James Gunn finally seems to cave in following the news of Rebel Moon‘s director’s cut. Reportedly failing to bear any more humiliation from Snyder fans, Gunn appears to have allegedly planned to release the director’s cut of the $747M Snyderverse movie – Suicide Squad (2016).

James Gunn
Gunn reportedly plans to release Suicide Squad’s director’s cut

Making bold choices like always, James Gunn seems to take quite an interest in David Ayer’s 2016 installment Suicide Squad. Making a surprising move amid fans’ backlash and outrage, Gunn appears to be interested in releasing a new cut of the troubled film. However, considering the timing of the report, fans believe it’s Gunn’s escape strategy from the criticism. 


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Reports Of Director’s Cut Reveals Upsetting Internal War 

Following the speculations of James Gunn’s decision to release a never-before-seen cut of the infamous film Suicide Squad, reports hint at an internal war in DCEU. On one hand, while Gunn’s decision fascinates fans, on the other hand, it also reveals upsetting reports of disagreements between the studio head and David Ayer. 

James Gunn
Gunn’s plans reveal internal conflict with David Ayer

According to reports, when David Ayer‘s 2016 movie failed to make an impact, he was troubled by the reviews and opened up about having a separate version (director’s cut) which was better than the studio release. However, Gunn seemingly interfered with the release of the additional footage and gave his verdict of launching Suicide Squad‘s director’s cut when the time was right. 


Whether a coincidence or not, the timing was one many fans came to question. Thus, with the current situation seemingly going out of control, the DC studio head seems to have decided to release the additional footage of the $747M Snyderverse movie. 

This article is speculative.


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