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James Gunn Had Enough Trying to Explain His Decision to Remove Henry Cavill from DCU, Silences Hater With a Savage Response

James Gunn Had Enough Trying to Explain His Decision to Remove Henry Cavill from DCU, Silences Hater With a Savage Response

James Gunn has been getting backlash left and right ever since he made the brave decision to let go of Henry Cavill’s Superman once and for all. The response to this has only been negative and the director has become the center of this. Gunn has become some form of a punching bag for the people who have been upset with Cavill’s departure.

James Gunn
James Gunn

While the co-CEO of the DC Universe has been as respectful and patient as possible with the media, it is only fair for this negative uproar to have an impact on him too. Gunn has gone out of his multiple times to clear out any doubt fans might have and to clarify any rumor that makes its way onto social media.

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James Gunn Stands Up Against The Continuous Backlash

James Gunn recently took to Instagram on his usual spree of reverting against all the negative comments he and the DCU may be receiving. A fan of Cavill’s commented on his post and was enthusiastically supporting the actor and how he is the ideal Clark Kent, no one else. The fan used the tag #Cavilisclark as a means to signify how no other actor could be as good as Henry Cavill to take over the iconic role of Superman.

james gunn marvel dc criticism1
James Gunn at the San Diego Comic Con

“It’d be great if at the very least you knew how to spell an actor’s name if you were going to be so outraged.”

The CEO pointed out how the fan has spelled Cavill wrong and as someone who is so heavily expressive about their dismay with Gunn’s decision, it would only be fair for them to at least respect the actor they are supporting by spelling their name right. He has been very vocal about the negative response that the franchise has been getting and is trying his best to set the record straight. He even claimed that he knew what he was getting into the moment he took the job and stands by it.

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James Gunn Has Been Getting A Lot Of Hate For Letting Go Of Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill has always been a fan-favorite actor who brought Superman to life as no other actor could. His iteration of the character was that of one straight out of the comic books and so it was only natural for the fans to attach the character to the actor. However, that is not how things work and James Gunn was very well aware of that.

james gunn the suicide squad
James Gunn

His and Peter Safran’s vision for the future of the DCU, unfortunately, did not have a place for Cavill’s Clark Kent. So, the best option had been to bid farewell and start anew. Much to the fans’ disappointment, they only want Cavill and are unwilling to accept any future actor who may take up the role. This has led to Gunn getting a massive amount of hate for the brave decision even though it was only done keeping in mind the good of the franchise.

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Source: @jamesgunn on Instagram

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