James Gunn Hints Henry Cavill’s Potential DCU Return: “Talked about a number of exciting possibilities to work together in the future”

James Gunn Hints Henry Cavill's Potential DCU Return
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It is said that nothing is constant but change, and change is what is happening over at the DC studios. It recently came to public attention that fan favorite Henry Cavill’s Superman has been scrapped off of the face of DCU. Despite his returning cameo in Black Adam and he himself announcing the reprisal of his role, Henry Cavill has once again been shown the exit doors of DCU.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill as Superman

James Gunn took to Twitter to state that he and Peter Safran have a slate all ready for DCU’s upcoming future and unfortunately, this future does not have Henry Cavill. Although a lot of fans are extremely unhappy with the studios for their decision, there might be a slight possibility that Henry Cavill will return for future DCU projects.

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Will Henry Cavill Return to the DCU?

James Gunn
James Gunn

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Henry Cavill’s future in the DCU is hazy, to say the least. While the actor also posted on his social media that he will no longer be returning to play Superman, stating, “My turn to wear the cape has passed,” James Gunn tweeted that DCU will be focusing on a younger Superman for now. Well, there might a slight, extremely slight possibility, that Cavill could return to the superhero universe as an older Superman, perhaps even a new character altogether.


Another one of Gunn’s tweets can be taken in support of this possibility. He stated that although Cavill will no longer be the Superman of the universe anymore, he and Peter Safran had a discussion with him about the possibility of working together sometime in the future.

Even though fans of the superhero universe are not happy with this decision, Gunn talking about working with Cavill in the future keeps the flame of hope ignited in the hearts of his fans. However, with the DC studios bringing Cavill back only to let him go so soon, will the actor even want to return any more? We are just going to have to wait and see.

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Henry Cavill’s Message to His Fans

Henry Cavill's Superman
Henry Cavill’s Superman

After the rumors of Cavill’s Superman once again being taken away were confirmed, the Man of Steel actor himself took to his Instagram to share how he was okay with the changes happening at the studios, in the end. He stated that while it wasn’t easy for him to accept the news, he respects the “Changing of the guard.” He wished the Gunn-Safran duo the happiest of fortunes and the best of luck in re-building the universe.

In the end, he had a heartfelt message for fans of his Superman. He comforted them stating that Superman and everything the character stands for, is still there, even without him. Cavill added that while the time has come to hang up his cape, Superman will always be there for the fans.

Despite the fact that it must have been heartbreaking for Cavill to say goodbye to his character, especially since he was so ecstatic about reprising his role, he certainly handled the situation quite well. Can’t wait to see what he does next!


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