James Gunn Planned to Publicly Humiliate Henry Cavill Since 6 Months, Was Conspiring to Kick Him Out as Superman Despite Dwayne Johnson Convincing Gunn for Cavill’s Black Adam Cameo?

James Gunn Planned to Publicly Humiliate Henry Cavill Since 6 Months, Was Conspiring to Kick Him Out as Superman Despite Dwayne Johnson Convincing Gunn for Cavill's Black Adam Cameo?
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Henry Cavill went through a back-and-forth with regard to his position as Superman in the DC Universe. From taking up the role first in 2013 to then saying goodbye to it after Zack Snyder’s Justice League. He returned to the role officially with Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. However, once James Gunn became the co-CEO of the franchise alongside Peter Safran, Cavill once again was let go from the role.

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Henry Cavill as Superman

This affected both the actor as well as the fans who loved Cavill’s portrayal of Superman. Reports now claim that perhaps he was always destined to part with the character. Even before Cavill was established as Clark Kent of the franchise, another story was already brewing within the DCU.

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James Gunn Was Working On Superman: Legacy Even When Henry Cavill Was Part Of The DCU

James Gunn revealed that even before he took over the DCU, the director had already been hired to work on Superman: Legacy. The movie that is now set to kick off the first chapter of the franchise was initially a separate film from the setup storyline. Gunn confirmed that he was working on the movie over six months ago. That could mean that Henry Cavill‘s chances of returning as Superman were already slim, even before he did the cameo. Despite the effort put in by Dwayne Johnson, it seemed as if the plan was already made about Cavill’s involvement in the franchise.

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Henry Cavill as the Kryptonian hero

Superman: Legacy is said to follow a much younger version of the hero than Cavill. Although it is not an origin story, the actor was just not what the DCU had been looking for in their hero. The timing for this barely adds. Even if there were to exist two versions of Superman like there were of Batman, it wouldn’t make sense to rehire Cavill and mark his return to be a grand comeback. Gunn is now not only in charge of the new movie, but he is also working on bringing a version of the character that would satisfy almost every fan.

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Henry Cavill Was Not Destined To Return As Superman

The praise that Henry Cavill gets for his portrayal of Superman and the support from the fans was a huge reason for the audience to disapprove of James Gunn’s decision of letting go of the actor. While it had been made clear that he was by no means fired, it was still disheartening news. Zack Snyder’s Justice League gave hope to the fans of a dark Superman, and who was better than Cavill to play the part.

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Cavill’s official announcement photo of Superman’s return

Unfortunately, that never came to be. This hope, however, skyrocketed when Cavill made a cameo in the mid-credit scene of Black Adam. The DCU, Warner Bros. Discovery, as well as the actors, made official announcements regarding the same. When Gunn took over, it was only for a short period of time that the actor could enjoy the cape before it was snatched away once again.

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