James Gunn’s Batman Movie Udpate Presents a Deeper DCU Problem That Never Happened With Zack Snyder

While much has been revealed about Superman: Legacy, a recent update about the Batman reboot has revealed an issue that could hurt the franchise

james gunn's batman movie udpate presents a deeper dcu problem that never happened with zack snyder


  • James Gunn shared an update on his DCU Batman reboot, saying a script is not in place for the film
  • Apart from casting for Superman, no other information has been forthcoming about other projects in the franchise
  • The DCU could face long term issues if this problem is not resolved.
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James Gunn’s DC Universe has fans on the edge of their seats. Audiences are anticipating great things from the franchise and are eager to learn any details about the projects that are announced by James Gunn as part of the first Chapter of the DCU: Gods and Monsters.

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James Gunn on set
James Gunn

However, while casting updates have been regular for Superman: Legacy, less is known about all the other projects that have been slated in the first chapter of the DCU. An update about the Batman reboot, Batman: Brave and the Bold, was shared by Gunn, which might betray a kink in DC’s armour. That would need fixing as soon as possible, as far as the studio is concerned.


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Batman: Brave and the Bold doesn’t even have a script

Batman and Robin
Batman: Brave and the Bold is set to include Bruce with his biological son, Damian Wayne

Even before the actor’s strike had halted all work in Hollywood, Gunn had been forthcoming with a tremendous amount of casting information about Superman: Legacy. This included information about the actors who would play the roles of Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Guy Gardner, Mr. Terrific, and Engineer, among others. However, when casting rumors began to circulate about Batman: Brave and the Bold, Gunn replied on Threads, saying that there wasn’t even a script for the film yet.


This, while a disappointing update, might be a great strategy for the franchise in the short run. However, the lack of updates for other projects announced has put the cinematic universe into another dilemma. Initial phases of the MCU were forthcoming with knowledge and information about upcoming projects, but that does not seem to be the modus operandi of the DCU.

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James Gunn’s DCU needs to be more forthcoming with updates

James Gunn, the announcement of DC Chapter 1
James Gunn, the announcement of DC Chapter 1

Given that the MCU, in its initial phases, was forthcoming with a lot of information about its upcoming projects, the DCU will benefit from such regular updates as well. The franchise must be able to stay in the cultural conscience, or it could risk becoming uninteresting for its fans, who would be out of information without getting in.

A good place to start could be announcing casting, development, and talent for projects that have been announced. Given that Gunn was extremely clear that the announced projects are just a part of Chapter One, announcing more projects could be the way to go forward. Further, the information must come in the form of a steady stream, meaning not too much should be revealed at once.


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