James McAvoy Accidentally Shaved His Head, Forced to Wear Hair Extensions in $353M X-Men Film

James McAvoy Accidentally Shaved His Head, Forced to Wear Hair Extensions in $353M X-Men Film

James McAvoy is an English actor most popularly known for his role as Charles Xavier in the X-Men movies. The actor made his debut with the television series The Near Room in 1995. His other notable TV series include State of Play and Shameless. The actor has received several accolades in his career span for a variety of movies like Atonement, Wanted, etc, and received global fame and appreciation for his X-Men character.

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James McAvoy as Professor X

The character of Charles Xavier in most of the X-Men movies is shown as a bald guy. However, the actor James McAvoy once mistakenly shaved his head for one of the movies.

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James McAvoy Mistakenly Shaved His Head for X-Men film

The Last King of Scotland actor once accidentally shaved his head before the X-Men: First Class film. Talking to GQ, the actor shared that he went a bit overboard with Professor X’s hair. He said that he was expected to be bald at some point, hence he cut off his hair even before reading the script. He finally read about the time travel element in the plot, where he had to don a shaggy 70’s look to symbolize the character’s journey till then.

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Professor X James McAvoy
James McAvoy as Professor X

James McAvoy said,

“In preparation for X-Men: Days of Future Past, I thought, ‘I better shave my hair this time, because this is it now.’ And prepped for that with a buzz cut. Very close to the sides and like a jarhead. But, I get to set and they’re like ‘no, no, no..’ Alright, I get the script and see we’re doing the 70s, we’re doing hair extensions. At first, they were like, ‘We’ll make this work.’ I was like, ‘You can’t make this work.”

The actor shared that throughout the first month of filming, he had to wear hair extensions. He shaved his head again for X-Men: Apocalypse.

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James McAvoy hated his bald look

James McAvoy played the role of Professor X in several MCU projects, for which he had a bald look. The actor shared in an interview with Entertainment Weekly about his dislike for this look.

James McAvoy
James McAvoy

McAvoy said,

“I used to like the fact that it afforded me a certain amount of anonymity but it no longer does that. Since I did two movies that everybody saw where I had a bald head, now it’s like a f—ing beacon. But what do I like about it? Not a lot at the moment. I like it when it’s been about five or seven days going in, then it’s cool but when it’s properly skinhead I look a bit weird. I do like the fact that I don’t have to do anything in the morning.”

McAvoy first appeared as Professor X in X-Men: First Class. He reprised his role in X-Men: Days of Future Past, X-Men: Apocalypse, Deadpool 2, and Dark Phoenix.

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