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Jamie Foxx Claims Day Shift Trailer Did 30M Views in Less Than 24 Hours Because People Go Crazy When He Shoots The “Old White Grandmother Through the Kitchen”

The 30 million views the Day Shift trailer received are attributed by actors Dave Franco and Jamie Foxx to the cynical audience’s preference for the scene in which Foxx blows an elderly woman through a wall.

In an interview, Dave Franco also acknowledged that his love for Jamie Foxx was the main motivation behind accepting the film. When Dave Franco and Jamie Foxx were asked why they decided to collaborate on the film, each actor provided a statement outlining their decision to participate in it.

Day Shift Poster
Day Shift Poster

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Jamie Foxx’s And Dave Franco’s Reason To Be In Day Shift

Dave Franco has continued to regard Jamie Foxx as his reason to do the movie. He emphasized how much he adored the actor and how he couldn’t help but sign up for the project as soon as he learned that Jamie Foxx would be playing the main character.

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Actor Dave Franco
Actor Dave Franco

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“Yeah, so many things. This guy was the biggest reason, I love Jamie Foxx, I love this man. I knew it would be fun, but he just he surpassed all expectations, he is the most giving actor I’ve ever worked with in my life. I’m not just saying that, he wants everyone around him to be great and he creates this energy, he comes in, he’s playing music every day, he’s hyping everyone up and he just makes us feel safe. When you feel safe and comfortable, you do your best work, you’re taking risks.”

He added that J. J. Perry had made the movie sound like John Wick with vampires when he had sold it to him. The great sports fan Dave Franco couldn’t help but get involved in the game when it came to that kind of action!

“When it comes to action, he’s a genius, and so he pitched this as basically John Wick with vampires, essentially. But it’s that level of action, and for me, I played sports my whole life and to be able to use some of those abilities towards acting, that’s when I’m having the most fun.”

When it came to his motivation, Jamie Foxx had an entirely different outtake. When J. J. Perry pitched the movie to him, he brought up this specific scene where Jamie Foxx had a one-on-one with an elderly woman, which, he said, got him excited about the movie and raised his expectations for the encounter.

Actor Jamie Foxx
Actor Jamie Foxx

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“Let me tell you something, something about this young man. First of all, J.J. Perry pitched this, I thought it was amazing and he showed me the pre-vis of the action sequence of me with the grandmother.”

The actor claimed that it was also the reason why their trailer release attracted a staggering 30 million viewers in a single day! According to Jamie Foxx, the average moviegoer wants nothing more than a thrill of blood and gore, and Day Shift delivered on that promise.

“I was saying earlier that our trailer did 30 million views in less than 24 hours, simply because when you see me pull the shotgun and blow that old white grandmother through the kitchen and she hits her head and all that and she gets to doing [evil], people go crazy.”

In addition, he stated that he specifically asked for Dave Franco to join the cast of the movie. Dave Franco “gave so much to everything,” according to Jamie Foxx.

Is There Going To Be A Sequel To Day Shift?

It is not surprising that fans are anticipating a sequel after the incredible box office success of the horror comedy Day Shift. The actors agreed when asked if a sequel project would be in the works and even hinted that a trilogy might be on the way!

 “We’re talking about it, we’ve got ideas.”

“We talked last night about it and we got some great ideas. It’s not always normal for Netflix to do part twos, they don’t always do it, but we feel like with this one, we got a great chance on how everybody’s responding to it already. They’re responding to the trailer, they’re responding in the screenings and things like that. And it’s fun, you know what I’m saying, so I think we’ll definitely try to make it happen and I think if they do, it’ll be even better.”

“We’ve got a good title, we got Night Shift followed by Graveyard Shift, trilogy, baby!”

Personally, I’m eager to see more of this cast together and the film.

Day Shift was released on August 12, 2022, and is now available on Netflix.

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