Jason Bateman’s Crabby Hands In Thunder Force

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Thunder force. What is it? Is it worth watching? Is it really good, really bad, or just weirdly popular? And most importantly, what the heck is up with Jason Bateman’s crabby hands. And I’m not talking figuratively, (for better or worse), Bateman’s character, “Crab-man”, has – you guessed it – crab pincers for hands.


Spoiler warning for any of those who haven’t seen the movie yet. The following contains scenes from the movie as well as the reviews given by the general audience.


About the movie:

In Netflix’s new release, “Thunder force”, starring Melissa McCarthy alongside co-star Octavia Spencer, the story follows two childhood friends as they acquire superpowers. Octavia Spencer’s character – portrayed to be a wealthy geneticist – develops a serum that grants superpowers. After telling Lydia (Melissa McCarthy’s character) explicitly not to touch anything while she goes to clean up a spill on her sweater which can easily be avoided, predictably, Lydia touches the stuff.

A few buttons push, lever fiddles, and accidental chair strappings later, Lydia is injected with a super strength serum and promptly passes out. Emily (Octavia Spencer’s character), later goes through similar treatment, giving herself the powers of invisibility. Through the course of the movie, the duo learns to control their powers and use them to combat “miscreants”, a select group of people with sociopathic tendencies who had decades before been granted superpowers by a massive pulse of interstellar cosmic rays that had hit the earth.


Feedback from the audience:

Falcone’s Thunder Force is an easy movie to describe. It’s fun to watch when you switch off your brain but not much else. With the likes of McCarthy’s comedic genius in her delivery in her 2015 action comedy “Spy”. Along with Spencer’s thrilling performance in the psychological horror, “Ma”. The audience was not wrong to be disappointed by the latest release starring either of them. To put it simply, the viewer needs to have been born in the 90s while still being a teenager to truly enjoy this movie.

Jason Bateman’s crustacean limbs:

Now, for the question of the ages… What’s the deal with Jason Bateman’s crab pincer hands? In a C grade, mid-budget, halfhearted Netflix movie, Crab-man’s hands look faker than 99% of the first Men in Black. And that was a movie that came out about a decade and a half ago. In all honesty, Bateman carries his character in a way that is impossibly suave for someone with literal crustacean body parts of any kind. It pains to say this about a movie with as many great actors there are in it. However, Jason Bateman’s character possessing the finesse he does whilst also having crab pincers for hands and NO ONE acknowledging them is possibly the funniest part of this movie hands down.


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