“Let Netflix decimate HBO Max plans”: The Sandman Spin-off Based on Jenna Coleman’s Johanna Constantine Picks Steam as WB Confirms Constantine Reboot Going Forward, Fans Believe Only Matt Ryan Can Save HBO Max

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With the recent development about HBO Max cutting out and removing movies of Warner Bros. from its online streaming platform, Jenna Coleman’s spinoff on Netflix as Hellblazer is greenlit by creator Neil Gaiman takes the kill by completely eradicating its rival opponent for views and subscriptions. A battle between Netflix’s The Sandman and HBO Max’s Constantine will eventually decide who gets to be the winner.


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A scene from Netflix's The Sandman (2022).
A scene from Netflix’s The Sandman (2022).

The Sandman vs. Constantine

The Sandman gained unprecedented success with much love and adoration from the fans. The story of a dream god being trapped by a mad scientist for decades as chaos erupts in the world is something quite unique and imaginative.

Matt Ryan as John Constantine in Constantine (2014).
Matt Ryan as John Constantine in Constantine (2014).

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While Constantine sees Keanu Reeves as a demon hunter who has literally been to hell and back. John Constantine, the protagonist, knows that he would need to redeem himself in order to be granted heaven and thus joins with the police to help them.

As much as both the stories sound interesting, The Sandman was released recently while Constantine was released in 2005 followed up by a 2014 television series in hopes of reviving the fandom. Now, with HBO Max clearing up the WB shelves, it is now a matter of numbers and subscriptions about life or death.


Constantine Reboot vs. Jenna Coleman Spinoff

Jenna Coleman as Johanna Constantine in The Sandman (2022).
Jenna Coleman as Johanna Constantine in The Sandman (2022).

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For those of the unversed, Constantine is getting a series reboot on HBO Max while the creator of The Sandman, Neil Gaiman agreed to fans’ demands for a Jenna Coleman spinoff as Hellblazer.


Fans had been reported earlier to wanting a spinoff starring Jenna Coleman as Johanna Constantine when they were mesmerized by her performance in The Sandman. And while agreeing to fans’ demands, it seems Netflix is putting everything to win them over.

As for Constantine, the only news is that the reboot is in progress and won’t be affected by HBO’s cutting of Warner Bros. movies and series.

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