Jennifer Lawrence Almost Beat the Sh*t Out of a Fan in Crazy Bar Fight: “Did you just say ‘F**k You’ to me?”

Jennifer Lawrence Almost Beat the Sh*t Out of a Fan in Crazy Bar Fight
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Apart from being one of the most celebrated stars of the last decade, Jennifer Lawrence also hasn’t shied away from showcasing her true self to the world without hiding her flaws. This resulted in her fanbase being able to relate with the actress and see the Mother star for who she is without the Hollywood spotlight.


However, like many A-listers, the actress has experienced her fair share of struggles keeping her private life separate from the professional one. But it hasn’t always worked out and during her time with her friends in a bar in Budapest, the actress eventually lose it after coming across a rude fan that was breaching her privacy.

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Jennifer Lawrence The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 2
Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence obliterated a rude fan in a bar fight

Having a peaceful time by themselves along with their friends isn’t a luxury many A-listers can afford, as there’s a good chance of them being recognized and bombarded by fans in public places. This was the case when Jennifer Lawrence was hanging out with her friends in a bar in Budapest during her time filming the 2018’s Red Sparrow.

During an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the actress explained after she declined to take a selfie with a fan, he told Lawrence off, which didn’t sit right well with the actress. As a result, she got involved in a bar fight with him, as she chose to douse him and his luggage with beer. She recalled,

“I don’t know, something in me just snapped, but it couldn’t have been the alcohol. And I was just like, ‘Did you just say f**k you to me?’ And then I, like grabbed him, and I took beers, and I started dousing them all over him. And then he was…weirdly, he had a suitcase. And I was like, ‘Is that your sh*t?’ And I started pouring beer all over his suitcase.”

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

But things did deescalate after one of her friends grabbed Lawrence and asked her to not waste any more beer, which did convince her to stop continuing the heavy beating on the man.


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Jennifer Lawrence had no second thoughts filming the naked fight scene in No Hard Feelings 

With the actress back to her roots after a brief hiatus from the acting realm, Jennifer Lawrence found herself in a middle of a controversy following No Hard Feelings’ premise. However, the actress didn’t let any of the noises get to her head, as she had extreme fun filming the raunchy comedy. Reflecting on a nude scene in the film, where her character fights to get her and Percy’s clothes back after a group of kids steals them, the actress revealed she had no second thoughts about filming the hilarious scene. She said,

“Everyone in my life and my team is doing the right thing and going, ‘Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure?’ I didn’t even have a second thought. It was hilarious to me.”

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Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Barth Feldman in a still from No Hard Feelings
No Hard Feelings (2023)

Considering the actress hasn’t shied away from showcasing her true self and taking a stand for her own, it’s obvious why she remains one of the most admirable actresses of our time.

No Hard Feelings is currently running in theatres.

Source: Late Night with Seth Meyers



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