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Jennifer Lawrence Suffered Alarming Hair Damage While Working in $864 Million Movie That Made Her One of the Highest Paying Actors in Hollywood

Jennifer Lawrence Suffered Alarming Hair Damage While Working in $864 Million Movie That Made Her One of the Highest Paying Actors in Hollywood

Jennifer Lawrence rose to stardom for her Katniss Everdeen role in 2012’s The Hunger Games movie. The franchise is based on Suzanne Collins’ novel and was so popular among young audiences that many tried to copy the lead star’s iconic look.

Jennifer Lawrence 1
Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games

Lawrence’s character wore long dark brown hair in a braid throughout the movie. But, one thing that fans didn’t know was how badly the actress suffered damage to her tresses while filming the sequel, Catching Fire.

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Hair Transformation For Katniss Everdeen Role Gone Wrong

As a natural blonde, Jennifer Lawrence wanted to dye her hair the lightest shade of brown, an idea that the movie’s director, Gary Ross, contradicted. His vision was to give Katniss’ hair a more earthy tone, so they ended up choosing the darkest shade of brown. Although it was an option for the actress to wear a wig, she agreed to dye her hair to achieve that authentic look.

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In a post from Cosmopolitan, Katniss’ iconic braid was intentional as it provided a practical purpose for the character, as well as easier framing for camera angle. This movie role gave Lawrence a breakthrough in her career, but it also left her with a disaster to hide from the public.

Jennifer Lawrence 2
Jennifer Lawrence in a pixie cut

In late 2012, while shooting for Catching Fire, Lawrence received her Best Actress award for The Silver Linings Playbook. She was spotted sporting dark brown hair with blonde highlights at the Academy Awards.

As she went back to taping in Hawaii, she had to dye her hair completely brown again. When they wrapped up production, she ended up with damaged hair from too much bleaching. This left her no choice but to chop off all of her hair. Linda Flowers, Lawrence’s stylist, told Cosmopolitan:


She wanted to go back to blonde for award season, but her hair had so much color build-up that she decided to cut it off to her shoulders. I tried to lift the brown pigments out of her hair twice with a base-breaking formula, which helped, but then Jennifer went to her personal colorist and spent eight hours there, bleaching it. The entire process really damaged her hair, so that’s when she went full pixie to get her hair back to a healthy state.”

Lawrence admitted that she was terrible when it comes to taking care of her hair. Most of the time, she only listens to hair experts and stylists and doesn’t go beyond what’s recommended.

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Jennifer Lawrence Is One Of Hollywood’s Hairstyle Icons

Jennifer Lawrence 3
Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has been spotted sporting adventurous hairstyles through the years. She went from blonde to brunette and back again, and tried pixie cut, which is more of a need than a want. She would sometimes ditch the extensions and go for a more Parisian look when attending red-carpet events. The 32-year-old actress has nearly tried all kinds of hairstyles throughout her career.

Apart from her iconic portrayal in The Hunger Games franchise, Lawrence is also known for her roles in films such as Red Sparrow, American Hustle, Winter’s Bone, and X-Men: First Class. Her upcoming R-rated movie No Hard Feelings directed by Gene Stupnitsky will hit theaters on June 23, 2023.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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