Jennifer Lawrence’s Unruly Behavior on Set of ‘The Hunger Games’ Landed Co-star Josh Hutcherson in the Hospital With a Concussion

Jennifer Lawrence’s Unruly Behavior on Set of ‘The Hunger Games’ Landed Co-star Josh Hutcherson in the Hospital With a Concussion
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Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most talented actresses of her generation. She has made a name for herself through her performance in massively successful projects like Red Sparrow, Silver Linings Playbook, Joy, and most famously, her work in The Hunger Games franchise. For her exceptional skill, the actress has been awarded in many different ways, including her winning an Acadamy Award she won for her work Silver Linings Playbook.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

Outside of her professional achievements, Lawrence is known for her unique and lighthearted personality. The actress has the tendency to say some of the most unexpected and out-of-pocket things, making her fans adore her for her sense of humor. This skill of her extends to much more than her interviews as the actress is known for pulling silly pranks on her co-stars. This can sometimes get out of hand as Lawrence once put one of her co-stars in the hospital.

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Jennifer Lawrence Kicked Josh Hutcherson In His Face

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson starred together in The Hunger Games franchise, featuring in four films together. Over the course of filming these films, the two became quite close, becoming good friends. This friendship, however, did not come easy as the actress kicked Hutcherson in the face only weeks into the shooting of their first film.

Jennifer Lawrence in a still from The Hunger Games
Jennifer Lawrence and  in a still from The Hunger Games

“She was being a real show-off, thinking that she was Jackie Chan or something,” Hutcherson cracks. “[She was] throwing these air kicks and was like, ‘Josh, I can kick over your head!’” He stated

Hutcherson recalled this incident, explaining that Lawrence was trying to show off her fighting skills and overcompensating on top of that. This ended up being disastrous when the actress told the actor that she could kick over his head, only to kick Hutcherson right in his temple.

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Jennifer Lawrence Knocked Josh Hutcherson Out Cold

Jennifer Lawrence seems to have kicked Josh Hutcherson a lot harder than she expected as the actress knock him out completely. The actor revealed that it was so bad that he has no recollection of any of this happening other than, perhaps, being told by others. Hutcherson gained consciousness, he learned that he had a mild concussion because of what happened.

Jennifer Lawrence and Alexander Ludwig in a still from The Hunger Games
Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson in a still from The Hunger Games

“And then crack! She clipped me in the temple… I don’t really remember, because I got knocked out.” When Hutcherson came to again, “She was crying. She felt terrible. I woke up with her [crying], laying over me.”

Lawrence did not let this go as she was extremely apologetic after what happened. Hutcherson revealed that as he woke up, the first thing he saw was the actress laying over him and crying. He also mentions that she felt terrible after what happened and apologized profusely.

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