Jennifer Lopez’s Next Sci-Fi Movie Releases First Look That Stars Oscar Nominee Sterling K. Brown With Simu Liu as the Villain

The first look at Jennifer Lopez's ATLAS film gives fans a good idea what to expect.

jennifer lopez’s next sci-fi movie releases first look that stars oscar nominee sterling k. brown with simu liu as the villain


  • Jennifer Lopez is a genius businesswoman, actress and a talented singer, who has own 'rags to riches' tale.
  • She also stars in the upcoming sci-fi flick called ATLAS.
  • Fans finally got their first look at ATLAS and it sets the tone for what the movie will be about.
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Jennifer Lopez is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and established celebrities in the world right now. The owner of many successful businesses, Jennifer Lopez is also an accomplished actress and a singer, to boot. With that being said, fans have finally gotten their first look at Jennifer Lopez’s new sci-fi movie that also stars Sterling K. Brown and Marvel Cinematic Universe actor Simu Liu.

Jennifer Lopez as a cop in this scene
Jennifer Lopez in Shades of Blue

Being such an accomplished businesswoman with her fingers in multiple pots, it isn’t a shock that Jennifer Lopez has earned a substantial amount of money over the years. In fact, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Lopez has an estimated net worth of $400 million – which is simply astonishing.

What Is Jennifer Lopez’s Sci-Fi Film ATLAS About?

Jennifer Lopez looking menacingly in this scene
Jennifer Lopez in The Mother

Jennifer Lopez is set to star in the sci-fi thriller ATLAS, where she plays the title role in a bleak future where an AI soldier believes ending humanity is the solution to end war. Directed by Brad Peyton, known for Rampage and San Andreas, the film explores Lopez’s character teaming up with another AI, despite her fears. The upcoming sci-fi movie will also be starring Sterling K. Brown and Marvel Cinematic Universe star Simu Liu will be the villain in this film.


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The project is part of Jennifer Lopez’s Nuyorican Productions’ deal with Netflix, focusing on diverse female talent in various projects. Aron Eli Coleite is writing the script, and the film is produced by Safehouse Pictures, ASAP Entertainment, and Nuyorican Productions.

Fans Finally Got A First Look At Jennifer Lopez’s ATLAS

Jennifer Lopez worried in this scene
First look at Jennifer Lopez in ATLAS

ATLAS was first announced back in 2021 and fans have been excited for the film ever since for very good reason. Now, they have finally been given a first look at Jennifer Lopez’s movie and it shows the popular actress clearly shocked and distressed, while inside what looks like a spaceship.


At the moment, there is no release date confirmed for the upcoming Jennifer Lopez thriller but fans can expect to get more information as production for the film begins, as the film will be released this year itself.

On top of that, Jennifer Lopez has continued to evolve in her brand partnerships, currently serving as a brand ambassador for Coach and actively promoting her skincare line, JLo Beauty. She is the object of desire for many brands.


However, Lopez remains choosy – something that has served her well so far. The same can be said for her acting career, so fans will have to wait and see how ATLAS will turn out once it is released, in due time. After all, it has already been established that Jennifer Lopez knows when to pick the best projects for herself, in all sorts of avenues. 


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