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‘There Was a Shortlist of Names’: Jensen Ackles Reveals Amazon Chose Him Over Prominent ‘Movie Stars’ for Soldier Boy

Jensen Ackles Reveals Amazon Chose Him Over Prominent ‘Movie Stars for Soldier Boy

Jensen Ackles recently became a fan favorite (again) after appearing as Soldier Boy in The Boys Season 3. The actor was loved and adored by the millions even though he had an anti-heroic role during the run of the series. The Supernatural actor went on to describe the process of him being picked up to play the role of Soldier Boy which was ‘different’ from the other.

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Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy in The Boys Season 3 (2022).
Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy in The Boys Season 3 (2022).

When Jensen Ackles had no shot at being Soldier Boy

Jensen Ackles and Eric Kripke for an interview for The Boys.
Jensen Ackles and Eric Kripke for an interview for The Boys.

It is hard to imagine anyone else stepping up the dais and taking the crown of Soldier Boy now that Jensen Ackels has done such a marvelous job on it. The actor, however, felt that he had “no shot” at playing the role before being cast!

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Speaking to Men’s Health, the Supernatural actor went on to reveal that, unlike other people, he had direct contact with the showrunner of The Boys, Eric Kripke, since both the parties worked through 15 seasons of their hit show Supernatural on the CW. The actor said,

“I do know that there were some names that I think the network was considering. There was a short list of names, And when [Kripke] read off a few of those names to me, I was like, ‘Oh, well, there’s no way. I don’t have a shot at this. Those are movie stars.'”  claimed the actor.

However, Jensen Ackles refused to name these fellow considerations since he felt that Hollywood would “blacklist” him.

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Jensen Ackles’ inception as Soldier Boy

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester on Supernaturals.
Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester on Supernaturals.

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The actor joined the cast of The Boys in 2020 after the conclusion of the hit series Supernatural. Jensen Ackles played the role of Dean Winchester on Supernatural who is a hunter for the paranormal world. Dean Winchester hunted ghosts and demons while Soldier Boy hunted Supes. The actor further stated several similarities between his character in both the shows such as having abusive fathers on both the shows.

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Eric Kripke, the showrunner of The Boys and the writer of Supernatural commented on what makes both the shows so different.

“It’s the ability to do two things: have most of your scripts written before you shoot a day of film, and then have all the episodes finished before you turn them over to air. There are logistical benefits that would be impossible to give up because you can tell a coherent piece in a way you simply cannot with network TV. It’s already aired; you threw it out the door. You’re locked in.”

The Boys Season 3 is currently streaming on Prime Video.

Source: Men’s Health 

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