Johnny Depp’s Iconic Pirates Line Goes Viral after Heard’s “Jar of Cocaine” Statement

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Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s trial takes nasty turns as the actress testifies. She has blamed her ex-husband for physical and sexual assault. The defamation trial is based on the article she wrote in Washington Post. In the article, the Aquaman star called herself a survivor of abuse. Johnny Depp has sued her for $50 million, the actress countersued him for $100 million. Johnny Depp has already testified in the case and said the allegations against him are false. It is a battle to prove himself right. The actor has already lost a huge sum in the legal battle against his ex-wife. Now, with Amber Heard taking the stand, she is telling her side of the case.


Johnny Depp’s line from Pirates of the Caribbean goes viral

Johnny Depp's popular line goes viral
Johnny Depp’s popular line breaks the internet after Amber Heard’s testimony

One of the most popular characters Depp has played onscreen is Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Though after the allegations against him surfaced, Disney removed him from the franchise. Recently one of his iconic lines as Jack Sparrow is going viral. While Amber Heard was testifying against the actor, she claimed that he had a “jar of cocaine.”

Iconic line of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow goes viral
The iconic line of Jack Sparrow goes viral

As the trial is also being shared online, it has made it easy for everyone to watch it. This led to certain fans noticing Depp’s reaction to the statement. He is seen whispering “a jar of dirt” to his lawyer as the two smirked. This was a reference to a scene from one of the movies. In it, the captain is seen teasing holding a jar of dirt. He says the lines, “I’ve got a jar of dirt. Guess what’s inside it?”


Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp trial updates

After the statements of Johnny Depp and some other witnesses, Amber Heard has taken the stand. Ever since the actress has been describing elaborate events of abuse. Also, the actress has blamed her ex-husband for sexual abuse. She has also told a number of instances and shared images related to the times she was hurt.

Amber Heard testifies against Johnny Depp
Amber Heard testifies against Johnny Depp

With both parties trying to prove themselves innocent, it is getting really complex to decide what to believe. Meanwhile, the fans are too coming up with strange theories that are going viral. Also, many other clippings from the case are going viral on social media.

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