“Only Way Out of This Is Death”: Amber Heard Reveals Depp Broke Her Nose Before 2014 Met Gala

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The Johnny Depp – Amber Heard defamation case is getting darker and more disturbing. Amber Heard continued her testimony for the second day on Thursday. She recounted multiple incidents of violence committed by Depp on her. She broke down while telling her side of the story.

Heard also revealed what Depp said to her when she suggested a prenuptial agreement between them before their marriage. These shocking allegations are very serious in nature. What do you make of all this? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.


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Amber Heard Reveals Depp Broke Her Nose Before 2014 Met Gala

Amber heard alleges serious incidents of violance by Depp on her
Heard giving testimony

Heard broke down while recounting several disturbing incidents between the estranged couple. She recalled many incidents where Depp hit her. In particular, she narrated an incident after the Met Gala 2014. Heard alleged that Depp broke her nose after accusing her of flirting with a woman. “We get back to the hotel room, he shoves me and grabs my collarbone. I remember he threw a bottle at me, missed me, hit the chandelier,” she said. He then punched her and broke her nose, she alleged. “We were struggling, he’s bigger than me,” she said. “He hit me, I remember my nose being swollen, red. I made a remark to my friend of how bad.” Depp meanwhile has denied this claim of Amber Heard.

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“Only Way Out of This Is Death”

Amber heard alleges serious incidents of violance by Depp on her
A Picture of Heard from the Trial

Heard also revealed that before their engagement party, she proposed a prenuptial agreement between them for their marriage. This was to “eliminate any doubt” about her intentions towards marrying him, given that he “earnt significantly more money”. Depp, Heard alleged, responded by saying that if he ever saw a prenup, he would “rip it up” and that “the only way out of marriage is death”. Yikes!

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The 50 Million Dollar Defamation Law-Suit

Amber heard alleges serious incidents of violance by Depp on her
Depp and Heard locked in a legal battle

Johnny Depp is suing Heard for defamation in Fairfax County, Virginia, US. The Trial of this civil suit began in April 2022. This lawsuit stems from an op-ed written by his ex-wife in The Washington Post about abusive relationships. While the article did not expressly mention him by name, Depp argued that it greatly damaged his career.


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