“Everything we shot was real”: Brendan Fraser Reveals Canceled ‘Batgirl’ Movie Had Real Action Sequences, Claims it Was Far From a CGI-Fest

Brendan Fraser and Batgirl
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We all are already exhausted after listening to how Warner Bros. singlehandedly mistreats the DCEU time and time again. There have been multiple instances where there have been projects that have underachieved because of discord in management. So many judgements that may have gained commercial success, but make no sense in the wider narrative. And straight-up wacky plot points and poor executions have left the viewer’s jaws dropped, and not in a good way.

Leslie Grace as Batgirl in the canceled film.

So there will be no surprise when we hear that a potentially wonderful project was scrapped off the planning board. For context, the particular film in the spotlight here is the now-canceled Batgirl movie, and we know what you are thinking…


‘There was a Batgirl movie in the works?’

The Unfortunate End Of Batgirl

Now, more details have emerged about Batgirl‘s production. While speaking with Variety, Brendan Fraser, the one who was cast to play the film’s main villain Firefly offers some production details about Batgirl. The actor praises Leslie Grace who was cast as the titular protagonist, talks about her performance, and reveals the movie was “the antithesis of doing a straightforward digital all green screen thing,” citing the inclusion of real-life elements like flamethrowers.

Fans Want Brendan Fraser to Conquer Hollywood After His Batgirl Joke Wins the Internet
Brendan Fraser talks about what Batgirl could’ve been

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“It’s tragic. It doesn’t engender trust between filmmakers and the studio. Leslie Grace was fantastic. She’s a dynamo, just a spot-on performer. Everything that we shot was real and exciting and just the antithesis of doing a straightforward digital all-green screen thing. They ran firetrucks around downtown Glasgow at 3 in the morning and they had flamethrowers. It was a big-budget movie, but one that was just stripped down to the essentials.” 

He said as he talks about what the film had gone through to make the film something different than the generic CGI-Fest that most movies tend to be nowadays.


Furthermore, Fraser also added that performance was something that could only be achieved in a non-green screen environment, where the dynamic setting and the action sequences would have become the cornerstones of a cult-classic superhero flick.

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Can The Batgirl Be Saved?

Batgirl got scrapped because of tax write-off
Batgirl got scrapped because of a tax write-off

Fraser’s comments reveal Batgirl would have set itself apart from some recent Marvel Cinematic Universe fare by opting against using excessive CGI (at least in Fraser’s scenes), a choice that likely would have won over many superhero genre fans tired of green-screen acting. Warner Bros. Discovery’s decision to write the $90 million Batgirl film off for tax purposes is not irreversible, so it’s possible that Batgirl could eventually see the light of day.

Plus, there is no official cancelation and/or restriction about the character of Batgirl herself, which can hint us towards an outcome where we might see Grace’s batgirl in action, but not in her deserved standalone film. Whatever may be the case in the future, it’s still disheartening to see Warner Bros.’s poor management in the DCEU and what it costs them and their viewers.


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