Jonathan Majors To Join Marvel Studios’ Third ‘Ant-Man’ Movie As A Villain

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‘Ant-Man 3’: Jonathan Majors Reportedly Cast As Kang The Conquerer In Marvel Studios’ Upcoming Sequel

Some fresh updates on the sequel of Ant-Man have been reported by the Deadline which indicates that the Marvel Cinematic Universe may have found its Kang the Conqueror. The star who has been seen in the HBO drama Lovecraft Country has joined the cast of Ant-Man 3, possibly as the time-traveling Marvel villain, Kang.


The report published earlier today suggests that Jonathan Majors would be one of the main villains in the next installment of the franchise and indicates that he is “likely” to appear as Kang. If all turns out true, this could prove as one of Marvel’s huge addition to its future phases. Kang the Conqueror is an incredibly vital villain in the comics. He was originally a Fantastic Four villain and has gone on to not only be one of the Avengers’ main antagonists but the main antagonist for the Marvel universe as well. For those who are strangers to the character of Kang the Conqueror, Kang is apparently a time-displaced ruler who first appeared in The Avengers #8, published way back in 1964. Since then, there have been several iterations of his character which justify his constant time-traveling and disruption of the time stream. Before taking over the alias Kang, he was Nathaniel Richards, a future descendant of the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards.


Jonathan Majors seems to be having quite the year. The actor who starred alongside the late actor Chadwick Boseman in this year’s Da 5 Bloods from Spike Lee, starred in another HBO drama hit series titled Lovecraft Country which received great acclamation from the critics. His year has perhaps just gotten bigger with his debut in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Like the usual times, the details of the MCU project are being kept under wraps. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a period of absolute silence as the studio is struggling to figure out how to schedule, reschedule, and simply produce their upcoming MCU movies. Director Peyton Reed alongside Jeff Loveness (screenwriter of Rick and Morty) have been able to continue working on Ant-Man 3‘s script despite the pandemic.


He recently in an interview said, “Let’s see, what am I allowed to say… We are working our way through the pandemic, there’s some really, really, really exciting things in store, none of which, of course, I can speak to you about right now, as is the Marvel way. … I think the third Ant-Man movie is going to be a much bigger, more sprawling movie than the first two. It’s gonna have a very different visual template, and that’s all I will say.”

Peyton is reportedly hoping to begin the production of Ant-Man 3 in June 2021. He might be avoiding making any direct comments right now but Jonathan Majors’ casting, he has given a vague sense of the kind of movie we can expect.


Directed by Peyton Reed, Ant-Man 3 stars Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas, and Johnathan Majors. There has been no word out yet for the release date.



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