Julia Roberts Hates One Film’s Ending Despite Its Status as an Iconic 90s Rom-Com

Despite this film being one of the most amazing rom-coms out there, Roberts still feels she wanted one thing to change towards the end.

Julia Roberts Hates One Film’s Ending Despite Its Status as an Iconic 90s Rom-Com


  • Julia Roberts is known for her roles in Pretty Woman and My Best Friend's Wedding, both of which have become icons of their genre.
  • Roberts opened up about how she didn't like the ending of My Best Friend's Wedding, where Michael marries Kimberly instead of Jules, despite it being an iconic rom-com.
  • A recent appearance on Andy Cohen's talk show asked Roberts which film she wants to see come alive again with a sequel in the future.
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Making a name for herself with the critically acclaimed and commercially successful film Pretty Woman, actress Julia Roberts quickly went on to create her legacy in the Hollywood industry. Today, she’s revered as one of the most accomplished actresses in the history of cinema with many accolades under her belt.

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Julia Roberts in a still from Pretty Woman
Julia Roberts in a still from Pretty Woman

Some of the films that she has done after the aforementioned movie have gone on to earn her nominations for several Academy Awards or become simple icons of their genre, one of which is her 1997 rom-com My Best Friend’s Wedding. But recently, the actress opened up about how she didn’t like the ending of the film, where Michael marries Kimberly and not Jules.


Julia Roberts Wanted a Different Ending for My Best Friend’s Wedding 

Dermot Mulroney and Julia Roberts in a still from My Best Friend's Wedding
Dermot Mulroney and Julia Roberts in a still from My Best Friend’s Wedding

From her iconic role in 1990’s superhit Pretty Woman to her amazing performance in the highly revered Ocean’s series, Julia Roberts has ensured that her legacy stays intact for a long while in the industry. Attributing to her commercial accolades as well as critical ones is her iconic 1997 romance/comedy film My Best Friend’s Wedding, which many consider perfect.

But despite it being an amazing film, the actress still wanted the eventual conclusion of the film to look different.


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In a recent appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live, the FRIENDS star was asked by a fan which film would she want to see come alive again with a sequel in the future. She thought for a quick second and said that she wanted My Best Friend’s Wedding to get a sequel if it was possible.


She was also followed up with a question by the host, who asked her who should’ve married Michael, one of the male leads in the film, among Kimberly and Julianne. To this, she said that she wanted her character Julianne, a.k.a. Jules, to have been the one who got hitched to Michael, unlike the original ending where Kimberly is the one who he ends up marrying.

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What Was My Best Friend’s Wedding About?

A still from My Best Friend's Wedding
A still from My Best Friend’s Wedding

Considered to be one of the most iconic romance/comedy films in history, My Best Friend’s Wedding tells the tale of how sometimes, the one you end up falling for romantically isn’t the one who you end up with in the end.

The film introduces us to Julianne Potter, a young woman who had fallen for her long-time friend Michael O’Neal, but realizes it only when he reveals to her that he will be marrying a college student named Kimberly Wallace soon. Thus, determined to win her love back, she plans to sabotage their wedding and make him hers once and for all.


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My Best Friend’s Wedding, streaming on Netflix.



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