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“Julianne definitely hates me”: Hugh Grant Believes His Female Co-Star Doesn’t Like Him At All Despite $138 Million Movie Success

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Hugh Grant might be a romantic sweetheart in film, but the actor has miserably failed to maintain relationships with his female co-stars. It’s no lie that he has worked with some of the leading actresses in the industry. He had amazing onscreen chemistry with actresses like Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore, Sandra Bullock, Renée Zellweger, and others.

Grant started off his professional acting career in the year 1982. He made his debut on the big screen with a film named Privileged helmed by Michael Hoffman. The Gentlemen actor is most popularly known for his role in the romantic-comedy genre. But even after working for so many years with many female co-stars, he feels that none of them has anything good to say about him.

Julianne Moore Dislikes Hugh Grant

Julianne Moore and Hugh Grant in Nine Months
Julianne Moore and Hugh Grant in Nine Months

Julianne Moore is one of the most versatile actresses in the Hollywood industry. She is most popularly known for playing complicated characters in independent films and blockbusters. Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore did a film together in 1995 named Nine Months. It was a romantic comedy film helmed by the director Chris Columbus. But looks like Grant’s behavior doesn’t sit well with Moore. According to the Notting Hill Star, Julianne hates him.

Grant wasn’t impressed by his performance in the film Nine Months. He played the character of Samual Faulkner alongside Julianne Moore who portrayed the role of his girlfriend named Rebecca Taylor. Even though the About a Boy actor got paid well in this film, he was critical of his performance. He thought that he overacted and ruined the whole movie.

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Hugh Grant’s Opinion On His Different Female Co-Stars

Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant has a pretty great sense of humor but at times it crosses the limit and isn’t liked by many people. Recently, the actor tried to roast his Music and Lyrics co-star Drew Barrymore by comparing her singing abilities to barking dogs. But Barrymore didn’t feel bad as she think it was Grant’s love language.

In a 2009 interview with Elle, Hugh Grant spoke up about his relationship with some of the female stars he has worked with and how they dislike him. He praised Julianne Moore by calling her a “Brilliant actress, Loathes me (him) “. Speaking of Rachel Weisz he thinks she is ” clever, beautiful and despises him”.

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Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant

Again in 2016, Hugh Grant was invited on The Graham Norton Show where he described the bond with female stars.

“Julianne definitely hates me, Rachel Weisz, I think we got on fine, I don’t know why I said that. Maybe I was going for a comedy triple. (Drew Barrymore) She made the mistake of giving me notes.”

Even though, Grant may think of himself as a hated person in eyes of the actresses. He was still an eternal charmer in his 90s movies era and continues to be so.

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