‘Just Bored…It’s Just Stale’: Michael Mann, Director of The Heat – Movie That Inspired The Dark Knight, Says Modern Action Films Have Too Much ‘Outrageous Choreography’

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Famous for making action-packed movies such as Public Enemies and Thief, director-writer Michael Mann is set to return in directing the sequel to Heat. He is known for being very meticulous with films, taking multiple angles and takes of the same scene.

Michael Mann
Michael Mann’s Collateral starring Jamie Fox and Tom Cruise.

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Furthermore, the director is also known to do a significant portion of his film’s photography, doing 60% of it in Heat (1995). He is also known for editing his theatrical releases for home videos by adding and deleting scenes.


Michael Mann’s Heat might return

Starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino as opposing forces in a battle of law and order, the movie was written by Michael Mann. Released in 1995, a movie’s sequel was followed-up in novel format, also acting as a prequel, Michael Mann co-wrote the novel with Meg Gardiner.

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Michael Mann
Michael Mann on the set of Heat.

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The director described his love for the cinematic experience in an interview with GamesRadar, stating while he does appreciate the televised format, he believes it has a “short half-life.” Furthermore, he stated in the interview:

“I’m not putting down television. It really is [a golden age]. But the big, cinematic experience – there’s nothing like it. When we had a screening of Heat at the Academy, probably 80 per cent of the audience had never seen it on the big screen, and the reaction was astonishing. I had the whole cast there, and Chris Nolan moderated it.”

Action in modern cinema is outrageous?

Since the advent of superhero movies and reboots, many veteran directors including Martin Scorsese have criticized new movies for capitalizing on pure entertainment over better direction and writing, Michael Mann has the same to say for new action movies. He stated:

“I’m just bored by it. It’s not very interesting… I mean, sometimes the choreography is so outrageous that it’s fascinating, and it is quite good. But generally, no. It’s just stale.”

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Heat directed by Michael Mann
Despite starring together, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro met only a few times in the movie.

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Superhero movies have especially come under fire as they have a habit of cutting scenes in action sequences right before the impact of an attack, giving the illusion of action over actually utilizing the actor’s talents.

Source: GamesRadar


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