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JJ Abrams Reportedly Developing Justice League Dark as Avengers Style Series Seemingly To Make it More Lucrative, Cancelation-Proof

Ever since the Warner Brothers and Discovery merger, DC movies have been facing multiple cancellations. Recently the studio canceled Batgirl, and a few other much-awaited projects are shelved by CEO David Zaslav. Reportedly with the new merger, the company is planning to put out a 10-year plan for the DCEU. The question about what will happen to JJ Abrams’ Justice League Dark in all this is still unanswered.

Justice League Dark 

This new plan for this DC extended universe includes movies like Black Adam, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Joker 2, and supposedly Blue Beetle

When Justice League Dark will Come Out?

Meanwhile, in all this, one more movie or series, as the producer referred to it, Justice League Dark, is still hanging for almost two years now. The team of supernatural beings includes Constantine, Zatanna, Madame Xanadu, Swamp Thing, and more. 

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Earlier, two directors, Guillermo del Toro and Doug Liman dropped out of the film. The movie did not go under production, but the characters or the members of the Justice League Dark have made their appearances on television shows. However, a project to bring them all together to share a single screen is not made possible till now. 

justice league dark houston sharp second comic accurate swamp thing concept art
The Swamp Thing

Well, JJ Abrams with the production house Bad Robot, has plans to bring out their own Justice League Dark series for HBO Max under his current deal with the Warner Brothers.

Earlier, when the director announced the production, he said it will not be a film only and will be developing it for both film and television. 

Constantine and Madame Xadanu

He also revealed the plan he has outlined for the Justice League franchise the HBO Max and how he would introduce two characters with a series planned for them. With the continuous cancellation under WBD, many updates are being made, and fans worry that the same will happen to the much-awaited upcoming series. 

According to a recent report from Variety, the production house and the producer JJ Abrams has decided to produce Justice League as an Avengers-style show. They planned to develop a Justice League Dark franchise for HBO Max with spin-offs of Constantine and Madame Xanadu. 

Justice League Dark
Justice League Dark

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The Variety article claims that Constantine and Madame Xanadu are still up for development, and shooting for the two shows will start in early 2023. The updates were provided after the studio canceled Batgirl and the merger of Warner Brothers and Discovery.

JJ Abrams Justice League Dark

JJ Abrams has been working in the franchise for quite a long and has claimed to provide the best of the best. Fans also love his way of depicting the character that he has worked with, for so long. However, with several pending projects, it’s frustrating for fans to keep waiting for something they were promised almost two years ago.

Almost two years ago, news appeared that JJ Abrams is planning a Justice League Dark franchise with Bad Robot. 

With the recent development and claims that the Warner Brothers have already seen the script for Constantine and the pilot episode of Madame Xanadu, it seems to see a little growth. 

Justice League Dark

The script for Constantine is written by Guy Bolton and is believed to be based on a horror theme. Rumors also had that the production house is looking for a black actor to play the lead in the upcoming series and has reportedly cast Sope Dirisu in the lead role.

Seeing the development in the production after two years of its announcement, WBD has decided not to cancel Abrams’ plans with the DCEU. 

WBD has not confirmed any show or movie Other than Shazam, Black Adam, Joker 2, and Blue Beetles. If the production does take place in the Avengers-style, we may see one or two more members of the Justice League Dark getting their own stories. And with this, Justice League Dark still has a long way to go. 

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